How to Enjoy the Benefits of a Mindful Cleaning

Over the past year, we have all found ourselves spending more time at home. Instead of a sanctuary from our hectic schedules, home became the center of our lives — the place where our families lived, worked, went to school, ate every meal, and received every delivery package. As the clearly defined separation between the work or school day and home life disappears, it can become more difficult to remember to set aside time for meditation and mindfulness.  After all, after a long day of Zoom calls, helping the kids ...

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Why Baking Soda Should Be Part Of Your Eco-Friendly Cleaning Arsenal

Baking soda has a well-earned reputation as a kitchen hero. Over the last few months, it has made our pandemic bread-baking efforts a success, and we all know about its deodorizing power in a fridge, trash can, or cabinet. Less talked about, though, is the power that baking soda has as a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaner and deodorizer for your entire home.  In fact, there is no room in the house that can’t benefit from the wonders of baking soda-based cleaners. 

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3 Eco-Friendly Tips for Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

No matter how much you scrub, disinfect, and clean your kitchen, few things can spoil your efforts like a garbage disposal that, let’s be honest, doesn’t get cleaned or sanitized nearly often enough.  It may be tempting to overlook this kitchen workhorse, or throw a couple of tabs of commercial garbage disposal cleaner in and call it a day, but take caution – as your disposal churns, it can spray bacteria or harsh chemical cleaners out into your kitchen, undoing all of the careful work you’ve done cleaning and disinfecting ...

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Why Vinegar Should Be Part of Your Eco-Friendly Cleaning Arsenal

Looking for a powerful, versatile, and totally environmentally friendly cleaner? Then you’re going to want to stock up your pantry with a bottle of vinegar! Vinegar has been in use for thousands of years, and it’s a classic and go-to cleaning staple for a reason. Today, as we all refocus on green cleaning habits that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and suitable for our homes, vinegar is seeing another big resurgence in popularity.  In this post, I wanted to talk about vinegar, since it’s a cleaning product that often gets taken ...

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Reliable Plastic Alternatives to Add to Your Home

Anyone who’s a regular reader of this blog knows that all of us at Sweeping Dimensions consider plastics to be public enemy number one. I’ve written again and again about the perils of plastic. Well, today, I wanted to focus on some of the best materials you can use to replace the plastic products that are probably taking up space in your home right now. Let’s dive into the world of durable, versatile plastic alternatives!

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