Your Home Should Be a Breath of Fresh Air – Literally

Home is where the heart is — and this important spot should definitely be where the relaxation, serenity, and positive vibes are too!  When you come home to your personal space, you want to feel alive, fresh, and, above all, comfortable. One of the easiest and most powerful ways to make your home feel calming and rejuvenating is to make sure you’re promoting a healthy flow of nice, clean air around your space.  Even in the cleanest homes, dust, dirt, pet dander, and additional allergens can sometimes build up around ...

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Getting Your Patio Ready for Summer Parties

Are you one of those people who just has to head outdoors when the sultry summer weather settles in? We get it! For all the paito fiends out there, we know there’s nothing like visiting your favorite spots around your neighborhood — or, even better, setting up your own home’s patio or balcony for a relaxing time outside.  There’s just something about sitting outside and enjoying the summer air, with a warm breeze on your skin and the sights and sounds of summer all around you, that can’t really be ...

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You Deserve More Time to Soak Up the Sun this Summer. Here’s How a Professional Cleaning Can Help

What’s on your summer bucket list?  This is the season when many of us dream of kicking back, relaxing, and heading outside to truly soak up some summer sun. What does that mean to you? Spending time with friends feasting on brunch on a local rooftop or patio joint? Enjoying a day at the zoo with your little ones? Going to see a movie in the park?  The options for summer fun are virtually endless – and you deserve to enjoy every single moment. 

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Love Gardening and Yardwork? Make Sure Your Dirty Work Stays Outside

When the warm weather rolls in, many people around Chicago celebrate by spending quality time outside. Often, that means picking up your tools, rolling up your sleeves, and heading outdoors to give that old “green thumb” a workout.  Whether you build planters on your balcony or work to cultivate an entire yard, gardening and working with plants can be a great way to enjoy the summer sun — and soak up some healthy benefits at the same time. Not only can time spent out in the sun and fresh air ...

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How a Cleaning Can Help You Beat the Summer Heat

You know that warm, exciting, and free-wheeling sensation when summer comes around? We’re really starting to feel it right about now.  Like so many people, we’re ready to get outside, explore, and spend plenty of quality time doing summertime activities with friends and family – things like going to the beach, seeing a movie in the park, kayaking in the river, and really enjoying all that Chicago has to offer.  Of course, even the most active adventure-seeker has to spend some down time at home. And sometimes, whether you’re soaking ...

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