How Adventure-Seekers Can Keep Their Garages Organized

When you’re in the middle of planning out your next getaway, keeping things around the house clean and organized is probably the last thing on your mind. You’re daydreaming about backpacking across Europe, skydiving over the plains, or sipping cocktails on the beach — not organizing your storage or cleaning out your basement! Over the years, research has proven that traveling can improve your health and mental well-being, reducing stress and helping you give your life a boost back on track. There’s definitely something to be said for doing a ...

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Keeping Your Life Organized When You’re Off On an Adventure

Take a moment: close your eyes, sit very still, and think about your dream getaway adventure. What does it look like? Are you laying out in the hot sun with a favorite read? Spending time with friends and family you don’t normally get to see? How about backpacking through Europe via train? Your perfect trip is out there — and this may be the year you finally take it. Travel trends for 2019 show all new kinds of adventures for families, couples, and solo travelers.

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Labor Day Is Coming! Here’s Why You Should Celebrate With a Cleaning

Everybody loves Labor Day… Even though we can feel all the bosses out there saying: “But I still have to work!” In the US, we’ve celebrated Labor Day since 1884. The Department of Labor describes this important holiday as “a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” That’s a great description! Of course, Labor Day has come to be about even more than that. A long weekend. Barbecues. Sales. Days at the pool. Labor Day is about a lot ...

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3 Big Reasons to Care About Cleaning in the Summer

Ah, summer! A time for rest, relaxation, and… cleaning? While most of us like to think of the summer months as a chance to take a break and bask in the warm weather, our chores don’t just go on hold because we want them to. In fact, summer is actually a time when you may need to spend a little more time thinking about cleaning. Here are three big reasons that a clean home should be on your mind during the “dog days” of summer: 1.) The Kids Will Be ...

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Cleaning Your Home as You Pack for a Trip

You spent weeks planning for this… You found a great deal on an Airbnb. The car is fueled up and ready to go. The whole family has been counting down the seconds. And now, it’s here. Time to go on your big summer trip! Whether you’re road-tripping for a weekend, flying halfway across the world, or anything in between, there’s nothing like a vacation to help you relax and hit “reset” on your daily life. And did you know? In a lot of ways, the days right before you leave ...

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