Bringing the Outdoors In: How to Make Your Home Feel More Connected to Nature

It’s springtime here in Chicago. And while it may be rainy and gray on the day that I’m writing this, I know that fresh, bright, and sunny days are just around the corner — and that’s got me yearning to go outside and into nature. It’s also got me thinking about the best ways to bring the natural world indoors, for those days when you can’t spend hours in the Great Outdoors.  Studies have shown that nature is good for our health. Really! A growing body of research has shown ...

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Where You Can (And Can’t) Use Your Magic Eraser Sponges

If you’ve ever had to remove your toddler’s latest crayon masterpiece from a wall in your home, you probably have already heard of Magic Eraser sponges. These remarkable cleaning products have garnered a reputation for being so easy to use and effective that they really are almost like magic. But like any tool, Magic Eraser sponges are designed for specific jobs and, if used incorrectly, they can cause real damage to your favorite surfaces. So, which jobs are right for your Magic Eraser sponge — and which should be left ...

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The Perils of Plastic: What to Know for 2021

As anyone who has spoken to me about green cleaning knows, this is something I am incredibly talkative and passionate about! And one topic that I’ll bring up again and again is just how harmful our dependence on plastic is for our planet.  I thought it might be good to take some time to dedicate a blog post to the perils of plastic, so I can share some of the more important information we all need to know in one convenient spot. 

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How to Clean for a Better Night’s Sleep

We could all use a good night’s sleep — especially right now, with the stress of COVID and so much uncertainty in the world! Unfortunately, seven to eight hours of restful shuteye can often be hard to come by. Could a good bedroom cleaning could be just what it takes to promote healthy, rejuvenating sleep habits for 2021 and beyond? The Science Is Clear: Americans Need Better Sleep A 2014 study from the National Sleep Foundation found that Americans are not getting quality sleep at night. In a survey, 35% ...

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Everyday Sustainable Swaps You Can Make During COVID

When the world first shut down due to COVID-19, there seemed to be a positive environmental impact initially. I’m sure you remember the news stories. Cities that used to be covered in haze suddenly had clear skies. People stopped driving and flying, therefore reducing pollution in the air.  But at the same time, something a lot less positive for our environment was happening. Almost overnight, the desire for plastic products spiked. To protect people from transmitting the novel coronavirus, many businesses took action to limit the spread – including switching ...

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