How to Use Your Vacuum Attachments

Ready to be *blown* away? OK, well then, we’ve got a little cleaning secret it’s time that you hear: Your vacuum cleaner is one of the most important cleaning tools you’ll ever use. No, we’re not just trying to *suck up* to you here. There’s no denying the importance of having a good, functional vacuum in your cleaning arsenal. This is an unbeatable tool, one that can help you do all sorts of important jobs around your home - especially if your vacuum comes complete with helpful attachments. Now, with ...

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Why You Should Buy the Cleaning Supplies You Love, Not the Ones That Are On Sale

Time for a thought experiment (don’t worry, this’ll be fun):   You’re out of a cleaning product, and you’ve got to get your chores done. So, you head to the store, find the cleaning section, and are faced with a wall of potential choices. Two options really catch your eye. Option A is your favorite product, one that you know gets the job done… But it’s a bit more expensive than Option B, which you’ve never heard of, but seems to be cheaper. Which do you choose?

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How to Clean Before a Big Thanksgiving Gathering

Thanksgiving is the start of the winter holiday season, and it’s a great chance to gather friends and family together – to celebrate good times, to say what you’re thankful for, and to share a truly wonderful meal together. Now, that’s the rosy side of the picture. If you’re the one hosting Thanksgiving this year? Well, then, instead of all the good times, your mind may be filled with all of the stuff that you’ve got to get done before guests arrive. After all, with cooking, cleaning, and playing host ...

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How to Make Sure Your Guest Room Is Ready for Company

Do you have family planning to stop by for the winter holidays? Is your child the one who’s always bringing home friends for weekend sleepovers? Are you the family member with a cool city home, which all of the cousins and aunts and uncles just have to visit and see? In all these cases and more, it sounds like your guest bedroom is going to get a workout!

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The Five Dirtiest Surfaces In Your Home, According to Science

Germs and bacteria are everywhere. They’re a natural part of life, and they cover everything. You’ve even got some bacteria in your body, working for you, right now! But there are certain germs, bacteria, and viruses that can make you and your family sick – and many of them might just be lurking in spots around your home right now, without you even realizing it. But which household surfaces or areas are the most likely to have harmful germs and bacteria, or nasty traces of mold and mildew? ...

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