Why We Love Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Why do we love canvas tote bags? Let us count the reasons!  No, I’m not going to break into poetry like Shakespeare today. But I am going to take a few moments to talk about the importance of reusable tote bags. We’ll explore a few reasons why it’s time to say no to single-use; some resources you can check out if you want to make a reusable cloth bag of your own; and some great places to purchase an eco-friendly bag that will last you through hundreds of trips to ...

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Where You Can (And Can’t) Use Your Magic Eraser Sponges

If you’ve ever had to remove your toddler’s latest crayon masterpiece from a wall in your home, you probably have already heard of Magic Eraser sponges. These remarkable cleaning products have garnered a reputation for being so easy to use and effective that they really are almost like magic. But like any tool, Magic Eraser sponges are designed for specific jobs and, if used incorrectly, they can cause real damage to your favorite surfaces. So, which jobs are right for your Magic Eraser sponge — and which should be left ...

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The Perils of Plastic: What to Know for 2021

As anyone who has spoken to me about green cleaning knows, this is something I am incredibly talkative and passionate about! And one topic that I’ll bring up again and again is just how harmful our dependence on plastic is for our planet.  I thought it might be good to take some time to dedicate a blog post to the perils of plastic, so I can share some of the more important information we all need to know in one convenient spot. 

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Just Moved Into a New Apartment? Clean These 3 Places First

A new home or apartment is such an exciting thing! It’s also a fairly dirty thing — which is why it’s so important to do some deep cleaning in your new space before or immediately after moving in.  Need a little motivation? Well, think about all the people who might have lived in and used this space before you. Then consider how many people have been in and out during the period when the unit was being shown, renovated, and seen by potential occupants.  If you’re anything like us, you’re ...

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How to Clean In, Under, and Around Your Radiators

Radiators can add a vintage flair to any space, while also keeping you and your family warm all winter long. For some people, they’re a convenience, for others they’re an eyesore. But one thing’s for sure — you’ve got to keep your radiators clean!  Radiators are designed to have as much surface area as possible to help heat your home. A dust-free radiator looks nicer and prevents additional dust from circulating around your home.  Even better, keeping your radiators clean and free of dust can help you save money on ...

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