Have a College Student Heading Back to Class? Here’s How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

The summer is winding down, which means it’s that time of year once again. Across Chicago, families are getting ready for the little ones to head back to school – and for the older students to head back to college!  Whether this is your first time sending a student off for a semester of dorm life, or you’re an experienced pro at saying goodbye, the back-to-school rush never seems to get any easier. 

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Gearing Up for a New School Year? Don’t Forget to Keep Your Home Clean

As the summer winds down, it’s easy to have mixed emotions. Those long days and nights full of summertime parties, idyllic beach vacations, and fun for the whole family are wrapping up — and now the day-to-day hustle and bustle of school, work, and keeping up your home is settling back in.  But at the same time? The end of the summer break is a great chance to focus on new beginnings — including bringing a fresh feeling into your home to go along with the start of that new ...

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What to Do When Your Little Ones Get Sick

Many people tend to believe that people can only catch a “bug” during the wintertime. But in reality, people can really get sick all year round — and that’s particularly true for children.   Whether it’s the common cold, flu, allergies, or another kind of illness, when your little ones get sick, it’s never a great time as a loving guardian. One of the most important things you can do when your little ones fall ill? After giving them the love and care they need, turn your focus on thoroughly cleaning ...

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How to Make Cleaning Fun for the Whole Family

Keeping your household together together can be tricky when you’re tackling things solo – and it can become even more complicated when it’s time to get the whole family onboard and working as one! If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to get the little ones involved in the cleaning routine. And we’re not even talking about deep cleaning sessions here, but the day-to-day stuff. Sometimes, it can be a real tightrope walk to get the kids to put away their plates after dinner, or keep ...

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Cleaning for Every Stage of Your Child’s Life

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Every parent – not to mention aunts, uncles, and grandparents – knows the “blink and you’ll miss it” feeling of watching a child grow up. One day they’re a toddler, frolicking in the sandbox. The next day they’re off to grade school for the first time. Before too long, you’re watching them walk across the stage at their high school graduation. And then it’s off to college, or work, or a family of their own, as your one-time “baby” leaves the nest. We’re ...

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