Why You Should Buy the Cleaning Supplies You Love, Not the Ones That Are On Sale

Time for a thought experiment (don’t worry, this’ll be fun):   You’re out of a cleaning product, and you’ve got to get your chores done. So, you head to the store, find the cleaning section, and are faced with a wall of potential choices. Two options really catch your eye. Option A is your favorite product, one that you know gets the job done… But it’s a bit more expensive than Option B, which you’ve never heard of, but seems to be cheaper. Which do you choose?

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Do Dollar Store Cleaning Products Measure Up?

Who isn’t looking for a bargain? When you’re trying to get the most “bang for your buck,” dollar stores can be a great place to stock up on supplies, usually for a lot less than you might spend at other stores. In fact, true to their name, you can usually get what you’re looking for at a dollar store for just about $1 – sometimes a little more, sometimes even less. But what about when you’re shopping for cleaning products? Should the dollar store be your go-to spot when it’s ...

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Protecting Our Environment & Oceans: Wrapping Things Up

Welcome back to our series on what we can all do to help protect our environment – especially our amazing oceans. This is the final installment in the series… for now, at least! To wrap up, we wanted to take a look back at some of the topics we’ve covered so far, and share some more helpful, environmentally conscious resources to bookmark for the future. Looking Back Over the last few articles, we covered a number of topics. We started out by talking about the amazing experience my family had ...

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Protecting Our Oceans and Environment: What We Do In the Office

Welcome back to our ongoing series, all about protecting our oceans and environment! Last time, we put the focus on you, and talked about all the steps that people around Chicago can take at home to eliminate waste, cut down on pollution, and develop more sustainable habits. In this article, I’d like to talk a little bit more about what we do at Sweeping Dimensions! Because we’re not just “talking the talk” – we’re also walking the walk, and taking big and small steps to make a difference every day. ...

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Protecting Our Environment and Our Oceans: What Can You Do at Home?

Welcome back! If you’re just joining our mini-series for the first time, welcome – and thanks for reading! If you’ve been following along, thanks for dropping in again! For the last few days, we’ve devoted our blog to discussing how we can all play a part to protect our beautiful oceans, and keep the entire planet healthy. Last time, we made a list of all of the ways that Sweeping Dimensions, as a cleaning company, can reduce our environmental impact when we go out and service our clients’ homes, buildings, ...

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