Starting to Compost? Here’s How to Keep Things Clean and Odor-Free

Composting is a great way to go green – but it’s easy for this planet-saving process to start to get a little messy. Ready to start composting, while keeping your whole home clean and odor-free? We’re here to help!  The Benefits of Composting Composting is a great way to produce homemade food for your indoor and outdoor gardens. In a nutshell, composting involves collecting organic material that would otherwise be disposed of – such as yard waste and kitchen scraps – and breaking them down into a nutrient-dense material that ...

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How a Cleaning Can Help You Enjoy More Natural Light In Your Home

Who doesn’t love natural light?  According to reports, natural light is one of the top features that homebuyers want in a new property. Employees in North America have also said that “access to natural light” is one of the top attributes that they want in a workplace – ranking it above even on-site cafeterias, fitness centers, and childcare. 

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Why You Should Replace Your Disposable Cleaning Supplies With Reusable Alternatives

At the time we’re writing this piece, it’s just a few weeks into the start of 2020 — which means that here in Chicago and around the country, plenty of people still have New Year’s resolutions on their minds. The beginning of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to take stock and make some (pardon the pun) sweeping changes. In discussions with our friends, colleagues, and clients, one big goal for the year ahead seems to come up again and again. Often, it’s phrased as a question, and goes ...

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Cleaning Up After Your Indoor Garden

There are cat people and there are dog people… and there are also plant people!  As the weather gets chilly and gray across Chicagoland, plenty of people start to look for ways to continue flexing their green thumbs, like starting an indoor garden. Cultivating an indoor garden can help bring a pop of color and life to your space, perfect for a pick-me-up on a dreary Chicago day. Even better, growing plants indoors has been shown to have health and environmental benefits. Certain houseplants can help you purify the air ...

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Make Your Home Feel Like a Summery Oasis, Even In Fall and Winter

Do you love wintertime in Chicago – or does the winter season leave you feeling a bit like a grinch?  While there are plenty of things to love about winter in Chicago – from ice skating all over town, to enjoying a hot spiced cider at Christkindlmarket, to simply curling up in front of a roaring fire – it’s hard to deny that wintertime around here can get tough. The temperature plummets, snow and salt get tracked indoors, you have to trudge your way through mountains of slush… it’s enough ...

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