Cleaning By The Clock: The Projects To Tackle, Based On The Amount Of Time You Have

As we emerge from quarantine into a busy summer, home cleaning projects don’t have to take a backseat to summertime fun. Instead of an all-day deep cleaning project, why not take on a few smaller projects with the time you have?  Ready to clean by the clock? Here are some around-the-home cleaning projects to tackle, based on the amount of time you have.

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How to Enjoy the Benefits of a Mindful Cleaning

Over the past year, we have all found ourselves spending more time at home. Instead of a sanctuary from our hectic schedules, home became the center of our lives — the place where our families lived, worked, went to school, ate every meal, and received every delivery package. As the clearly defined separation between the work or school day and home life disappears, it can become more difficult to remember to set aside time for meditation and mindfulness.  After all, after a long day of Zoom calls, helping the kids ...

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Best Environmentally Friendly Ways to Spoil Your Pets

A wise person once said that, “having an animal in your life makes you a better human.” I couldn’t agree more! Having a furry friend running around the house is a wonderful way to fill your home with love and joy. Studies have actually shown strong links between spending time with animals and experiencing less stress and more happiness! As all of our fellow animal lovers out there know, it’s important to keep your pet’s favorite spaces clean and tidy – and take preventive action to keep your floors and ...

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How to Show Thanks With a Cleaning

Thanksgiving season is here, and that means it’s a wonderful time to show your gratitude and appreciation to the people who matter most — with a cleaning!  Whether you’re looking to give Mom some well-deserved rest in the leadup to the holidays, show your friends and employees how much they mean to you, or simply give yourself a much-needed break from stress and anxiety, a cleaning is a great way to say “thanks.” And did you know that taking time to show your appreciation can make a big difference for ...

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How a Cleaning Can Lift Your Spirits

There’s a lot of bad news out there right now. Fortunately, your home can be an oasis of brightness in a gloomy sea — offering respite, protection, and healing vibes, right you need them most. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, did you know that cleaning your home is a proven way to lift your spirits?  In fact, a growing body of research has shown that living in a clean, organized space is a powerful way to give your mind and body a healthy boost. Curious about just how much ...

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