Protecting Our Oceans and Environment: What We Do In the Office

Welcome back to our ongoing series, all about protecting our oceans and environment! Last time, we put the focus on you, and talked about all the steps that people around Chicago can take at home to eliminate waste, cut down on pollution, and develop more sustainable habits. In this article, I’d like to talk a little bit more about what we do at Sweeping Dimensions! Because we’re not just “talking the talk” – we’re also walking the walk, and taking big and small steps to make a difference every day. ...

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Protecting Our Environment and Our Oceans: What Can You Do at Home?

Welcome back! If you’re just joining our mini-series for the first time, welcome – and thanks for reading! If you’ve been following along, thanks for dropping in again! For the last few days, we’ve devoted our blog to discussing how we can all play a part to protect our beautiful oceans, and keep the entire planet healthy. Last time, we made a list of all of the ways that Sweeping Dimensions, as a cleaning company, can reduce our environmental impact when we go out and service our clients’ homes, buildings, ...

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Protecting Our Environment and Our Oceans: What We Do For Clients

Welcome back to our ongoing series on what we can all do to help take better care of our environment! Last time, we dove into the amazing whale-watching trip that inspired this mini-series, and discussed all of the ways that humans can affect the creatures of the ocean, for better and for worse.

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Protecting Our Environment and Our Oceans: Part One

Recently I traveled to Gloucester, Massachusetts, for a whale watching excursion. To see such beauty is hard to explain on paper – or even over the internet!   Being out in the ocean on a warm, sunny morning watching whales come up for air – it’s truly an experience you shouldn’t miss. The whole experience felt even more special and important because I got to spend it with my family! During the trip, the very knowledgeable guide talked to us about different types of whales. I learned a lot of ...

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