How to Clean Your Home Electronics Equipment

While we use them every day, it’s hard to deny that sometimes, our favorite electronic devices can be a major source of frustration. After all, popular electronics, from speakers, to laptops, to TVs, are known to be real dust magnets. They can be difficult to clean — and, just as importantly, to keep clean over time. One reason why electronic devices can be so challenging to clean is that they’re easy to damage. You might mar the surface or damage the wiring, even if you use a cleaning method that ...

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How Dust and Dirt Can Cause Weight Gain (Really)

Feeling too cozy to clean this winter? If you’re in need of some motivation to finally tackle the dirt and dust in your home, getting this news might be the final push you need. Did you know putting off dusting and cleaning your floors, among other tasks, can lead to actual harmful health consequences – including weight gain? It’s true! Excess dust and dirt in homes is not only unpleasant to look at, it can also lead to unwanted weight gain, and other negative health effects.

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How to Clean Around Antique or Restored Furniture

With so many modern-style spaces with sleek finishes, brand new furniture, and shiny appliances, we understand the desire for something with a little more charm. You want to have a clean and inviting look to your space, but not something cookie-cutter and uniform. Enter antique or restored furniture and design pieces! Perhaps a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation, perhaps purchased rehabbed or updated from an estate sale or vintage shop, retro furnishings can carry all the desired warmth you’re looking for — while also providing that special ...

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How Can a Cleaning Service Help Before, During, and After Construction?

Renovation and construction can be amazing things. Taking on a project like this can totally transform the look and feel of an old space, turning it into a new spot to be treasured for years and years to come. Building a new room for a baby can turn an old house into a loving home. Restoring or flipping a property can even turn a “diamond in the rough” into, well, a regular old diamond! But as countless developers, property managers, and families will tell you, tackling a construction project isn’t ...

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How to Clean Your Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures

“Let there be light!” Have you ever walked into a room and flicked on the light switch, only to be greeted by a dim glow, instead of the bright, warm lighting you wanted? In many cases, this means that your lighting fixtures are in need of a good, deep cleaning! Lighting fixtures love to gather dust, grime, and debris – sometimes even dead bugs (yuck!). But a lot of people don’t make it a point to clean these important spots regularly. This is understandable! Cleaning your lighting fixtures can seem ...

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