How You Can Get Your Spring Cleaning Done in Half the Time

Warm days. Cool nights. Fresh air. Deep cleaning. You read that right… spring cleaning season is here again. And not everybody’s happy about it. According to a recent survey conducted by OnePoll, 68% of Americans said that their spring cleaning duties always feel overwhelming. But what is it that makes spring cleaning so scary to so many people? Maybe it’s the amount of time involved! According to that same study, respondents said it takes a little over two weeks to complete their spring cleaning checklist on average. Over half of ...

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Eco-Friendly Move Out Cleaning Tips

Moving is always a stressful life event. Changing homes means packing up all of your belongings, transporting them to your new home, and hoping you packed the things you need immediately in an accessible place. It also means ensuring that the home you’re leaving behind is in good shape for its next occupant. The stakes for this task are high. If you’re selling a home, failing to leave your old home “broom clean” can jeopardize the final walkthrough and maybe your sale. If you’re renting, this part of the job ...

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How A Professional Cleaning Can Get Your Chicago-Area Small Business Ready For Fall

There’s no question that over the past 18 months, small business operations have changed, but as employees return to the office, there has never been a better time to schedule a professional cleaning for your small business. An eco-friendly professional cleaning can ensure that your business is a safe, sanitized, and productive environment for you and your employees as we head into the fall. A Professional Cleaning Means A Healthier Environment The coming fall and winter flu season, combined with the continuing peril of Covid-19, means that it has never ...

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Just Made Renovations? Here’s How To Keep Your New Additions Looking Spotless

Renovations are incredible things. They can make your home safer and more efficient, add value to your investment, and, most importantly, make your home a more comfortable, useful place to live.  There is nothing like a brand new, freshly transformed space to make your home feel like an entirely new place — one that works better for you and your family. But renovations also bring unique cleaning challenges — from the mess and clutter of transformation to the task of making sure your new features stay clean. 

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What Are HEPA Filters, And How Do They Work?

No matter how thoroughly we clean the surfaces within our homes, one fact remains — our most-used spaces are not truly clean until the air we breathe inside them is clean. Air purifiers can make the air in our homes smell better, reduce allergies, and may even help to reduce the circulation of viruses in the air — including the COVID-19 virus. The gold standard for at-home air purifiers has long been the HEPA filter. And while you may have seen the acronym around your favorite cleaning blogs — including ...

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