How to Make Your Old Home Feel Just Like New

Are there any vintage style lovers out there? Chicago is a city on the rise. And with all the metal and glass buildings with special amenities and modern windows and floors, sometimes you may feel your old house is just too tired to keep up. If you’re a fan of older homes and antique style, though, you may rather do without all the pomp and circumstance that come along with a modern high rise building.   Perhaps you like to enjoy all the ease and cleanliness that come with the brand ...

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How Dust and Dirt Can Cause Weight Gain (Really)

Feeling too cozy to clean this winter? If you’re in need of some motivation to finally tackle the dirt and dust in your home, getting this news might be the final push you need. Did you know putting off dusting and cleaning your floors, among other tasks, can lead to actual harmful health consequences – including weight gain? It’s true! Excess dust and dirt in homes is not only unpleasant to look at, it can also lead to unwanted weight gain, and other negative health effects.

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Should You Clean After Someone Gets Sick?

What do you do when your holiday season goes from “aw, yeah,” to “ah-choo”?! Every year, millions of Americans suffer from colds and flu symptoms when the weather turns colder. At this time of year, it’s important to think about what you can do to avoid getting sick, how you should best take care of someone in your household who’s come down with a bug, and what you should do after the illness, to make sure everything gets back on track without a hitch. One of the most important things ...

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The Five Dirtiest Surfaces In Your Home, According to Science

Germs and bacteria are everywhere. They’re a natural part of life, and they cover everything. You’ve even got some bacteria in your body, working for you, right now! But there are certain germs, bacteria, and viruses that can make you and your family sick – and many of them might just be lurking in spots around your home right now, without you even realizing it. But which household surfaces or areas are the most likely to have harmful germs and bacteria, or nasty traces of mold and mildew? ...

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How to Clean the Machines that Clean for You – Washing Machines and Dishwashers

There a few household appliances that seem to fly under the radar when it comes to cleaning, mainly because, well, they typically do the cleaning for you. For example, you may be under-cleaning your home’s dishwasher and washing machine! It’s true; those magical appliances that turn your dishes and clothes from dirty to dirtless need the occasional wash themselves. Now, we know what you might be thinking: “Aren’t they clean because of all the dish soap and laundry detergent I use when I throw in a load of laundry or ...

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