7 Products for Sustainable Self-Care

After a year like 2020, we all deserve the chance to rest, relax, and spend some time focusing on ourselves. Fortunately, making time for self-care does not have to mean giving up on being green! There are all sorts of amazing ways to take care of yourself and fulfill your personal needs, while still making sustainable choices and building healthy habits that will benefit the planet. 

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How to Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator

Have you ever come home from your favorite local farmer’s market and started to put your new food items away… only to realize there’s no room left in your refrigerator for any of the fresh food you just purchased and there’s a distinct stink of leftovers coming from deep within?  A messy fridge can make your entire kitchen feel less appealing. Meanwhile, did you know that keeping your refrigerator clean and organized can help you reduce waste and be more green?  It’s true! You’ll also have more food spoilage and ...

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How a Cleaning Can Lift Your Spirits

There’s a lot of bad news out there right now. Fortunately, your home can be an oasis of brightness in a gloomy sea — offering respite, protection, and healing vibes, right you need them most. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, did you know that cleaning your home is a proven way to lift your spirits?  In fact, a growing body of research has shown that living in a clean, organized space is a powerful way to give your mind and body a healthy boost. Curious about just how much ...

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How to Deep Clean Your Faucets and Showerheads

After months of staying around the house to avoid coronavirus, many of us have started to really notice all of the little annoyances that we’d normally let slide. You know what we mean… That tiny scuff mark on the door; that curtain that’s ever so slightly out of place; that slow or dripping faucet.  While you can’t fix everything around your home, cleaning your faucets and showerheads is an important maintenance task you can tackle in no time — and using only supplies that you most likely already have on ...

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Too Cold To Go Out? Here Are Three DIY Home Projects to Do Indoors

Looking to stay productive and engaged, even when the winter weather outside is positively frightful? You’ve come to the right place!  Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we were born and bred in the Chicago area — which means that we know that the winter months can actually be a great time to get things done, even when snow and ice make it difficult to go outdoors for more than a few minutes at a time.  When dipping temperatures and mountains of slush put the damper on heading outside, turn your focus ...

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