Keeping Your Home Organized, Minus the Stress and Effort

Ever wake up to a house completely out of order? Doesn’t it seem like opening your eyes to an unruly mess can negatively derail the entire day? We’ve all been there. You’re running around after your morning shower, trying to find your favorite shirt to wear to work but of course — you just did laundry the day before and have yet to put away all the clean clothes. On top of that, the dishes aren’t done and now there’s no time to clean out the coffee pot before you ...

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8 Unexpected Cleaning Tools That Make Life Easier

You know the saying — work smarter, not harder. All too often, cleaning tasks fall into the category of “back-breaking.” You know: hands-and-knees scrubbing of a mildewy shower, or intense vacuuming pet hair from the couch, or straining to get to those hard-to-reach places that aren’t part of your regular cleaning routine. Even with our handy suggestions to guide you, sometimes getting down and dirty is necessary to make for a truly clean house. There are, however, some helpful cleaning tools that can make your everyday life that much easier. ...

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How to Clean Around Antique or Restored Furniture

With so many modern-style spaces with sleek finishes, brand new furniture, and shiny appliances, we understand the desire for something with a little more charm. You want to have a clean and inviting look to your space, but not something cookie-cutter and uniform. Enter antique or restored furniture and design pieces! Perhaps a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation, perhaps purchased rehabbed or updated from an estate sale or vintage shop, retro furnishings can carry all the desired warmth you’re looking for — while also providing that special ...

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Why You Should Buy the Cleaning Supplies You Love, Not the Ones That Are On Sale

Time for a thought experiment (don’t worry, this’ll be fun):   You’re out of a cleaning product, and you’ve got to get your chores done. So, you head to the store, find the cleaning section, and are faced with a wall of potential choices. Two options really catch your eye. Option A is your favorite product, one that you know gets the job done… But it’s a bit more expensive than Option B, which you’ve never heard of, but seems to be cheaper. Which do you choose?

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Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – How Do They Stack Up Against Other Sponges?

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and other types of “magic erase” cleaning tools, have been billed as an easy and foolproof way to help scrub many different household surfaces, from baseboards to bathrooms, from crayon-covered walls to burnt-up kitchen countertops. But do these “magic” cleaning tools really live up to their name? How do they stack up, compared to traditional sponges?

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