Best Eco-Friendly DIY Room Deodorizers

There’s nothing like a freshly scented room to give you a smile and lift your spirits. Knowing how to keep your most-used rooms smelling sweet and fresh is one of the keys to keeping your home feeling like new between cleanings; there is also a wide body of research connecting our favorite scents to our emotions and memories.  Unfortunately, many of the store-bought deodorizers out there are anything but environmentally friendly. Many commercial air freshening sprays use a ton of excess packaging, as well as chemical propellants that can cause ...

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10 Cleaning Ideas That Can Freshen Up a Room in 10 Minutes or Less

Today’s post is all about the quick and dirty — or should we say quick and clean?  Sometimes, all you have is a few free minutes to get up, get active, and get cleaning. In those moments when you have a burst of productivity, or just a few spare minutes between Zoom calls, working out, and cooking dinner, it helps to know where you should put your focus.  In these moments, cleaning your whole home can feel daunting, causing you to procrastinate and put things off. On the other hand, ...

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How to Clean for a Better Night’s Sleep

We could all use a good night’s sleep — especially right now, with the stress of COVID and so much uncertainty in the world! Unfortunately, seven to eight hours of restful shuteye can often be hard to come by. Could a good bedroom cleaning could be just what it takes to promote healthy, rejuvenating sleep habits for 2021 and beyond? The Science Is Clear: Americans Need Better Sleep A 2014 study from the National Sleep Foundation found that Americans are not getting quality sleep at night. In a survey, 35% ...

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The History of Your Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Have you ever wandered down the cleaning supply aisle at the store, searching for that one perfect product? When you spend all day working with both cutting edge and classic cleaning products like we do, you start to wonder about the stories and history behind the cleaning tools we all usually take for granted.  For a little New Year’s fun, join us for a walk down memory lane! Let’s explore the hidden history behind some the common cleaning supplies we all use each day:

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How to Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator

Have you ever come home from your favorite local farmer’s market and started to put your new food items away… only to realize there’s no room left in your refrigerator for any of the fresh food you just purchased and there’s a distinct stink of leftovers coming from deep within?  A messy fridge can make your entire kitchen feel less appealing. Meanwhile, did you know that keeping your refrigerator clean and organized can help you reduce waste and be more green?  It’s true! You’ll also have more food spoilage and ...

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