You Deserve More Time to Soak Up the Sun this Summer. Here’s How a Professional Cleaning Can Help

What’s on your summer bucket list?  This is the season when many of us dream of kicking back, relaxing, and heading outside to truly soak up some summer sun. What does that mean to you? Spending time with friends feasting on brunch on a local rooftop or patio joint? Enjoying a day at the zoo with your little ones? Going to see a movie in the park?  The options for summer fun are virtually endless – and you deserve to enjoy every single moment. 

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3 Signs You’re Ready for Clean Home Help

There’s nothing like crossing an item off of your to-do checklist, is there? For many of us, that feeling is one of the most satisfying things there is. It’s a sign of a job well done – and one step closer to a moment of rest and relaxation. On the flip side? When you can’t get to your checklist, and action items keep piling up, and piling up? Well, that feeling can be stifling and stressful.  When it comes to cleaning, getting even a few tasks done can go a ...

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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Collectibles Clean and Presentable

What kind of collectibles and precious items do you have in your home? What do you value the most? Do you love cool, vintage cards with your favorite baseball players, or perhaps precious coins from years past? Maybe you love antique pieces you can only find at one-of-a-kind estate sales, like Tiffany lamps or mahogany coffee tables? Or perhaps you love those unique collectible relics from another time, like old coffee tins from the 1920s or timepieces from the Victorian era? Whatever you’re curious and passionate about, the best way ...

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How a Cleaning Can Help You Beat the Summer Heat

You know that warm, exciting, and free-wheeling sensation when summer comes around? We’re really starting to feel it right about now.  Like so many people, we’re ready to get outside, explore, and spend plenty of quality time doing summertime activities with friends and family – things like going to the beach, seeing a movie in the park, kayaking in the river, and really enjoying all that Chicago has to offer.  Of course, even the most active adventure-seeker has to spend some down time at home. And sometimes, whether you’re soaking ...

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Making Your Summer More Sustainable: 5 Cleaning Ideas That Can Help

At Sweeping Dimensions, going green is something of a passion of ours. As a company, we make it our mission to always take steps to become more environmentally conscious, and to help educate our friends and clients to do the same!  Remember, the little lifestyle changes and steps you take around your home can have a big impact on our planet. After all, our planet is a living, breathing organism, and it’s the one place we get to call home. It needs all the love and care it can get!  ...

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