Where We’re Going In Our Next 15 Years

Did you hear the amazing news? This April marks the 15th anniversary of Sweeping Dimensions! That’s right: We’ve been making a sweeping effort to make life less stressful for more than a decade and a half, and we’re not slowing down one bit. The last 15 years have been good to us, and we can’t wait to unveil what’s coming next.

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Cleaning to Get Your Security Deposit Back

So, you’re finally moving to a place. Are you excited? We hope so! After all, even though moving can be somewhat of a pain, a new place means an incredible opportunity to get a fresh start. But before you pack up your U-haul and set up your new home, there’s still some business to take care of at your old place. Many renters don’t take into account the details and tasks they need to face before moving on. This can be a big mistake! If you don’t take the time ...

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Sweeping Dimensions is Celebrating 15 Amazing Years!

Have you heard the good news? Sweeping Dimensions is turning 15 years old! That’s right! As of April, 2019, we’ve been around for a decade and a half — and we owe our continued growth to so, so many different people. From the men and women who have been employed with SDCS and given so much throughout the years, to our many long-term customers throughout Chicago, we have so many people to thank for their constant support! Our continuous growth comes from the opportunities we’ve received from the people we ...

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Three Key Steps to Cleaning Before a Move-Out

Maybe you’ve always absolutely loved your current house or apartment. Maybe it was perfect — you know, save for that one little detail that always drove you crazy. Whether you can’t wait to leave or you’re clinging to the door, though, the time has finally  come. That’s right: After all the years spent in your current living space, it’s time to move. This is an amazing opportunity for many reasons, and you should be excited about the brand new life and fresh chances that lie ahead of you! Of  course, ...

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You Need Time Back for the Important Things. Sweeping Dimensions Has You Covered

Have you ever taken a long vacation, only to come back feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and reinspired? Getting away from it all for a few days can really make a huge difference for your day-to-day life. And it doesn’t even have to take a long excursion to have a major positive impact! Getting away to the movies for a few hours can be an incredible way to spend a weekend. Going for a long walk, or a leisurely drive through the countryside, can be a refreshing way to reclaim your time. ...

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