Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Planning Ahead Can Make Your Chicagoland Spring Cleaning A Breeze

Spring is right around the corner, and here in Chicagoland, we’re looking forward to the change of seasons and the reawakening of the natural world. And for those of us who love a clean home environment, spring also means spring cleaning — our annual home deep cleaning to refresh our homes and spirits in harmony with the natural world. 

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clear out the old and welcome in the new, and to make sure your space is still serving your needs. However, we know it can be tough to give spring cleaning the attention it deserves — after all, a deep cleaning takes time and energy, and with our busy lives, both of those things may be in short supply. Luckily, planning ahead can make your Chicagoland spring cleaning a breeze. Learn more about how to plan for an easy, sustainable spring cleaning.

Make A List

Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we love a good list. Making a list can help you to organize your thoughts and take on projects in the most efficient order — after all, you don’t want to carefully vacuum, sweep, or mop your floors only to realize that you forgot to tackle the cobwebs in the corners beforehand. Making a list makes it easier to apply the “top-to-bottom” cleaning method as you clean, reducing the risk that you’ll have to clean an area twice or haul out a piece of equipment you thought you were finished using. 

To create your list, it can be helpful to walk through your space, thinking about what needs to be done and adding projects room-by-room. If you can, give yourself a few days to fully plan out your list, to allow you to notice projects that might be less obvious – having a note saved on your phone or a notebook handy can help you to add these projects to your list as you think of them, ensuring your list is comprehensive. 

In planning your list, it’s important to remember that your list is not an obligation — you don’t need to complete all of your projects right away! Some might be better left for a different time for one reason or another, but having a master list of home projects helps you to set priorities and choose the best place to start. 

Plan Ahead For The Products You’ll Need

It can be frustrating to really get going on a spring cleaning project, only to find out you’re missing something you need, whether it’s a cleaning product, a set of storage bins, or a cleaning tool — such as a carpet shampooer or pressure washer — you might need to complete a project. Once you’ve completed your list, this step should be a little easier. Working from your list, you can get an idea of specialized cleaning products, equipment, and other supplies that can help to make each of your projects easier.

At Sweeping Dimensions, we find that using sustainable cleaning products and materials is one of the best ways to optimize our cleaning routines. Sustainable products tend to be more versatile than single-purpose chemicals. For example, cleaning vinegar can be used to get your windows sparkling, but unlike a dedicated window cleaner, it can also be used to spot treat stains on carpet, descale and clean out your coffeemaker, remove hard water stains from your glassware, and clean and disinfect your microwave oven. Items like microfiber cloths, baking soda, a microfiber or lambswool duster, or even denture cleaning tablets can be great, multi-use additions to your cleaning kit.

Sustainable products, then, aren’t just good for the environment — they’re also convenient and easy on your budget. Stocking up on these sustainable, multi-use products can help to streamline your planning process, as well as make it less likely that you’ll find yourself lacking supplies you need for a project. 

Use The Tools That Make Your Projects Easier

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a chore that leaves your back sore and your hands chapped. Having the right tools can help to keep you from trying to tackle projects in a way that might be uncomfortable, inconvenient, or even downright dangerous. 

Start with a caddy or tool belt, to make sure you can have all of the products you need at your fingertips. Spray bottles with your favorite eco-friendly cleaners, clean microfiber cloths, rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh or acidic environments, and small tools like brushes, scrapers, sponges, or even cotton swabs, are all great staples for your belt, apron, or caddy. From there, you can branch out with job-specific tools like dusters, scrubbers, mineral oil, or wax.

Other tools that have a lot of uses and can help to make cleaning easier and safer include a duster with a telescoping arm to reduce the amount of climbing or stretching you need to do, a lightweight and ergonomic vacuum to ease strain on your back, and a small stepladder to help you avoid balancing on unstable chairs, tables, or beds when you need to reach higher surfaces.

Looking to Spring Forward With Ease? Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service Is Here to Help

Want to get your Chicago-area spring cleaning finished in no time, so you can enjoy a fresh space and all that the spring season has to offer? Sweeping Dimensions would love to step in and help with all your deep-cleaning needs!

At SDCS, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful. We’ll help you refresh your whole home, leaving it feeling clean, welcoming, and ready for springtime.

Our professional home services can take away the stress of tackling your spring cleaning checklist, giving you back some much-needed time to unwind with your family (or enjoy some time to yourself). Whether you need a deep clean, service for your short-term rental, or just routine housekeeping while you’re out soaking up the spring weather, our exceptional cleaning services can help!

Our professionally trained and uniformed teams will bring all of the supplies necessary to clean your home, with an emphasis on green, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. We offer flexible time windows and seamless communication, so you never have to worry about fitting a cleaning into your active schedule.

Have any more questions? Ready to get started? Get in touch today for your FREE service estimate!

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