Stunning Design Upgrades That Take No Time At All

There’s no doubt that we’re spending more time at home than ever before. And when our homes are pleasant places to be, it makes a big difference — cleaning, organizing, and decorating can even have beneficial effects on mental health. The mere act of cleaning can, in and of itself, even be part of a mindfulness practice. Making your home a luxurious, welcoming space is definitely worth the effort, and it doesn’t require a massive budget or even huge changes. Little changes can make our spaces feel refreshed and new, and add interest and detail that can make our homes more interesting, satisfying places to spend time. Here are some of our favorite tiny and easy design changes that make a big statement.

Change Out Your Switch And Outlet Covers

Light switch and outlet covers are, by and large, uninteresting. Usually styled in a flat white or beige plastic, these little pieces are generally the last things we think about when we think about home decor. This makes them the perfect place to add eye-catching details that can make your space feel more intentional and complete. From whimsical patterns to intricate covers made from unexpected materials like stamped metal or glass, changing out your switch and outlet covers to complement your other decor choices is an easy project that looks and feels like a major luxury upgrade.

Upgrade Your Doorknobs

When was the last time you noticed your doorknobs? If you’re like most of us, it’ll be tough to remember, but it probably had something to do with a knob that was loose or broken. We almost never take note of the doorknobs around our homes, yet we use them all day, every day. Upgrading your doorknobs, then, is a project with an instant payoff. New doorknobs can change the whole aesthetic of your home, transforming traditional spaces into more modern ones or vice versa, with a relatively low-effort project. 

Switch Out Light Bulbs And Lampshades

Great lighting makes everything look better. Swapping out harsh light bulbs for ones that provide more natural light can improve the whole look and feel of your room, and takes almost no time at all. In addition, newer light bulbs are safer, more efficient, and last longer than older ones, making this a project that literally pays dividends. Swapping out dated or faded lampshades can also help to tie your room’s look together, enhancing every aspect of your interior design and adding a personal touch that doesn’t take much in the way of time and effort to achieve.

Add Wallpaper In Unexpected Places

Lining your drawers or the backs of your bookshelves with a bold wallpaper print is a fun and funky way to add design in surprising ways. Placing wallpaper in smaller, more unexpected places can allow you to experiment with more bold patterns and colors that add vibrancy to your design without being busy or overwhelming. Wallpaper can also add a textural element that adds depth and character to your space.

Tackle An Upholstery Project

If you’re looking to renew your dining room, there’s no better place to start than a quick reupholstering project. Recovering a chair is quick and easy, and allows you to add accents that complement your dining room. Reupholstering furniture is also a fantastic way to add longevity to classic pieces, and can allow you to experiment with texture, color, and fabric changes without the expense and waste associated with buying all new furniture.

Add An Accent Wall

Repainting or wallpapering a whole room is a big job that can require a substantial time commitment, which isn’t for everybody. However, in a much shorter timeframe, you can add an accent wall that complements your design and makes your room feel pulled together and upscale. Most of us think of paint when we think of redoing walls, but experimenting with 3-dimensional texture, as in a textured wallpaper or wall of cork tiles, adds depth and visual appeal that paint alone can’t match. If you’re feeling extra creative, adding some hand-drawn art or a bold pattern to your accent wall can give you a wholly unique space to call your own.

Get Organized!

It seems like for most of us, staying one step ahead of clutter can feel like a full-time job. Adding easy modular storage options can make that process easier and help you get a cleaner and more functional space in no time at all. Closet and drawer organizers are easy to assemble and can help to bring some order to the chaos. Bookcases with storage drawers can help to keep clutter out of sight while being beautiful statement pieces in their own right. Keeping things organized and clean is a great first step toward making your space more inviting and appealing, even without making major changes or investing too much time.

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