Home Decor Must-Haves For Spring 2022

  • Home Decor Must-Haves For Spring 2022

Spring is just around the corner, and here in Chicagoland, we’re looking forward to the changing of the seasons. And even though it’s still February, it’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to refresh our homes to welcome in the warmer weather and brighter colors. From small decor touches to major upgrades, here are our home decor must-haves for spring 2022.

Green Is The New Neutral

Green tones have dominated experts’ predictions for the top color palettes of 2022, and it’s not hard to understand why. As our homes have become more important to us — the spaces we live, work, and learn — bringing the outdoors inside has become a way of creating a sense of peace and harmony in our indoor spaces. Green tones symbolize rejuvenation and prosperity, and are a great way to change up our homes as we celebrate spring.

The warmer temperatures of springtime also make it a great time to experiment with biophilic design, in which we connect our indoor spaces to nature by emphasizing natural light and ventilation, and by bringing the outdoors inside by adding houseplants and other natural materials. Indoor plants do more than just add depth and visual appeal to a space — through the natural process of photosynthesis they increase the oxygen content of your indoor air and even act as natural air filters. 

Experiment With Vintage And Upcycled Finds

Our increasing focus on eco-friendly design, along with the disruptions to the regular supply chain, have made vintage pieces more appealing than ever. The difficulty with sourcing traditional materials and regular pieces has inspired many home designers to look in unexpected places to find just the right piece for the home. Mixing and matching one-of-a-kind vintage pieces can add a unique feel to your space that is unmistakably you

Sustainability has become a major consideration in how we think about organizing our homes and lives, and no design technique is more sustainable than taking existing pieces and rethinking how we can use them in our homes. Restoring or repurposing vintage items into cool, unique design elements can take your design to the next level, all while staying as green as possible.

Incorporate Texture And Elemental Design

Spring is a great time to experiment with different textures and unexpected elemental design pieces using natural materials. Integrating different textures, weaves, and dimensions into your design can be a great way to create an inviting, tactile space and bring natural materials into your design palette. Textured wallpaper, area rugs with different weaves and textures, wood design elements, and 3-dimensional wall art make your space feel layered and add points of interest in surprising and satisfying ways. An earthy, neutral palette that incorporates natural elements and different textural features can feel upscale without being plain or boring. 

Minimalism And Multifunctional Spaces

As our homes have become more than just home, multifunctional spaces are here to stay. Creating spaces that can work for work, exercise, living, entertaining, and more is a great way to ensure that your home has the flexibility to meet your needs while still feeling livable and inviting. 

Minimalism and versatility are the keys to ensuring that your space can change with your shifting circumstances and needs. Sleeper or convertible sofas, for example, can be used as a home office piece and then converted when guests are visiting. For living and dining areas, look for versatile nesting or modular furniture that can be arranged into different arrangements, tables built with drop-leaf features, and armoires or cabinets that can be opened to reveal a workspace. Minimalist furniture that can be moved around into different arrangements can also help to make sure that your multifunctional space serves your needs without feeling overstuffed or cluttered.

Go For Pops Of Color

While neutral palettes continue to rule the day, adding fun, striking touches of color is a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Bright, colorful tablescapes and glassware, bold window treatments, and accent pieces in jewel tones can all brighten up a space and bring the vibrant energy of springtime into our homes. Especially if you tend toward a more monochromatic vibe in your decor, adding unexpected bursts of color can liven up your space and make you feel more energetic and ready to take advantage of all the season has to offer.

Staying Organized Makes Everything Easier

As we head into spring cleaning season, organizational solutions that reflect the varied ways we use our homes will continue to grow in popularity. Adding storage and organizational tools can help keep clutter at bay and make our homes feel like a zen sanctuary. Shelves, cabinets, and creative organization solutions that allow us to use otherwise unusable spaces like the area under the bed are a perfect way to keep things organized while maximizing our usable space.

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