Creating A Memorable Experience At Your Next Dinner Party

  • Creating A Memorable Experience At Your Next Dinner Party

If you made a new year’s resolution to spend more time with friends and family, there’s no better way to make it happen than by hosting a dinner party. While zoom get-togethers and socially distanced outdoor meetups are fun, nothing can quite substitute for gathering (safely!) around a table with family and friends to enjoy some conversation and a great meal. Whether you pull out all the stops to plan a formal meal or organize a more informal get-together with friends, here are some tips and tricks to create a memorable experience at your next dinner party.

1. Get Out The Good Stuff

The past two years have brought a decidedly casual vibe to most of our encounters, so why not take the excuse to go a little more formal? If you like to cook, a dinner party can be a great opportunity to prepare a full formal menu and set a table to match. To create a lush tablescape, use the layering technique to add color and flair that complements your theme — for a springtime event, use lots of color, for a more formal affair try more muted neutral tones. If you have fancy dinnerware or glassware, bring it out! Even if you’re among friends, setting an elegant table can be fun and a great way to connect. 

Set your table the night before the event, if possible — it’s one less thing to accomplish on the day of your event, and it can help put you in the right frame of mind. 

2. Plan Your Menu In Stages

Planning a menu doesn’t have to be stressful. Asking your guests about any dietary restrictions or allergies well before your event can help you to decide what direction to take with your dinner, and planning a few items that can be prepared in advance can take some of the stress off of you — and your oven — on the day of the event. Have a few appetizers handy to keep your guests satisfied before dinner is served, but feel free to go simple when it comes to these items. One hot and one cold appetizer should be plenty for your guests. 

When it comes to the entree itself, go with something you know you can execute well. Trying something new can be stressful, and your dinner party is meant to be fun! Having a few items that are really delicious is better than an overabundance of options that you don’t have time to prepare well. Local, seasonal ingredients prepared well are sure to be a hit with your guests. 

And never forget dessert! Many desserts can be prepared in advance and finished simply on the evening of your event, so this is your chance to wow your guests with your impressive baking skills. Try a visually stunning layer cake or creme brulee to bring your party to an impressive conclusion.

3. Think Abundance

When you’re preparing for a dinner party, always err on the side of having too much. The “ten bites or two pounds” rule can help here — always plan on ten appetizer bites and two pounds of food per guest. It’s always better to have leftovers than to run out of food. If you’re planning for drinks, having some pre-made cocktails or a festive punch can get the conversation going, and plan for about a bottle of wine for every two guests. 

4. Think About Your Seating Arrangement

Whether you prefer to seat guests according to their shared interests or by personality type, putting some thought into your seating plan can help to stimulate conversation. Seating old friends or spouses next to each other can create conversational bubbles that can be limiting, so why not mix up the seating arrangement? Think about the guests you’re inviting and how to best spark conversations that involve the whole table. Creating a warm, convivial environment can create great memories for your guests — and maybe spark some new friendships!

5. Consider The Details

As you’re decorating your table and dining area, think about the little details that make an experience memorable. Swap out harsh overhead lighting for scentless candles or twinkling LED light strings to create a more inviting environment. Fresh flowers add a beautiful touch and make your home feel more welcoming to your guests. And don’t forget the music — having a custom playlist playing in the background adds to the ambience and encourages your guests to converse with one another. 

6. Feel Free To Outsource

The point of a dinner party is to have a great evening of fun and conversation with friends, so feel free to offload some of your prep and cleanup tasks to the professionals. If you’re not interested in baking, picking up a dessert from a local bakery is perfectly acceptable. And if you’d rather not tackle before- and after-party cleanup, consider bringing in a professional cleaning service to handle that part of your chore list.

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