Small Tricks To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

  • Small Tricks To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

With everything we have to deal with these days, just keeping up with life can feel overwhelming. Making your home feel like a sanctuary can give you a great break from the pressures of the outside world, and can even have an uplifting effect on your mental health. But figuring out ways to upgrade your home to feel more luxurious isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not a professional designer. To help, we’ve put together a list of some easy and small tricks to make your home feel more luxurious. 

1. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Intuitively, it may feel like adding a lot of touches to your home is the best way to achieve a luxury feel. But adding too many items can make your space feel cluttered and overwhelming, particularly if you’re working with a small space. Adding just a few statement pieces made from quality materials can make your place feel upscale without breaking the bank or making your home feel cluttered.

I like to use statement pieces that can transition from season to season, with warm tones that make my home feel more inviting. Wood items are classic and versatile, and can be used in any season. They also lend an upscale feel and can complement almost any other decorating choices. 

Upgrading your textiles is another great way to enhance the look and feel of your home. Adding in high-quality towels and bedding instantly makes your bedroom or bathroom feel more high-end. Textiles like linen, cashmere, or merino wool in neutral colors can also transition easily between seasons and lend a casual but luxurious feel to your space. When properly cared for, high-quality fabrics can last a very long time, meaning your investment in one or two great items can pay off for a long time to come. 

2. Add Luxurious Layers

A secret trick used by interior designers to add a luxurious feel and pull all of the elements of a room’s decor together is simply to layer different pieces. Once you’ve chosen your room’s color palette, adding in elements that draw from that palette into different aspects of your decor can make a room feel intentional and inviting. For example, a textured wallpaper, patterned couch, and pillows and throws that bring in different colors from your preferred color scheme will make your room look professionally designed and add to the warmth of the space. A few pieces is all it takes — too many layers can make a space feel cluttered or overdone. If you’re not feeling confident in your ability to select a bold color palette, neutral tones and colors drawn from nature are always a timeless choice that add elegance and sophistication to your space.

3. Declutter

As you’re adding layers and mixing different tones and textures to your space, it’s important to avoid making your space feel too cluttered or crowded. Perhaps counterintuitively, an open and airy space with just a few quality items tends to feel more lavish than a crowded room. An open room allows visual space for your statement pieces to really “pop,” and creates a sense of wellbeing and harmony.

Decluttering your home can seem challenging, but it is rewarding. Setting up organizational solutions that work for you and provide a place for everything is a great spring project, and makes everything else — including regular cleaning — easier.

4. Upgrade Your Hardware And Cabinet Doors

While completely rehabbing a bathroom or kitchen may not be feasible for all of us, refacing or painting cabinets and adding upgraded hardware is an easy way to make a kitchen or bathroom feel more high-end. Swapping out older cabinet hardware for new pieces can instantly update and elevate the look of your space. For a dramatic, modern look, consider black or deep purple tones that instantly change the look and feel of a space without breaking the bank. 

5. Think About Lighting

Few things make as much of a difference to the look of a room as lighting. Adding a lamp, swapping out your lampshades, or even just changing your light bulbs can add dramatic flair to your room. Color changing LED bulbs can give you a number of options that can allow you to change the feel of a room with the press of a button, and adding wall lighting can enhance the look of your decorating scheme while adding pleasant ambient light that brings out your home’s best features. Adding warm light can soften a room’s look and bring out the warm tones in your furniture and decor pieces, creating a sumptuous, inviting atmosphere that feels luxurious. 

6. Style Your Space

Real estate professionals sing the praises of staging your home for sale for one reason — it works. Professional styling makes any space look more expensive and luxurious. But there’s no reason to wait for a home sale to bring some professional staging touches to the look of your home. Adding a few curated vases, candles, or even a simple stack of books can make your home feel expertly organized and beautiful all the time. 

7. Bring The Outdoors In

Adding living things has a couple of benefits. Most obviously, plants offer a pop of natural color that enhances the look of your home. But an indoor garden has other advantages as well — it can improve your home’s air quality and even boost your mood. Adding a few potted plants to your indoor space is a great way to make it feel alive and add to your home’s luxury appeal. 

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