Make Your Guest Room Feel Like A 5-Star Hotel

  • How To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like A 5-Star Hotel

As any traveler knows, an elegant guest room provides the best of all possible travel worlds. A luxurious retreat to rival a five-star hotel experience, plus the creature comforts of being in a home, close to family or friends. Creating a comfortable, welcoming guest room experience is a great way to encourage visits, enjoy family and friends in the comfort of your own home, and make visitors feel welcome. With a few tips and tricks, you can make your guest room feel like a five-star hotel.

Keep Your Bedding Simple, But Luxurious

When it comes to bedding, as with most things in the home, choose quality over quantity. A nice set of crisp white sheets are a great way to make your guest room feel luxurious without feeling overdone or too taste-specific. Layering neutrals, including a comfortable duvet with a linen duvet cover and a throw blanket made from a soft material like cashmere or merino can complete the look and feel of your guest bed, making it feel spa-like and inviting. Be sure to check the tags on any blankets to ensure that you’re washing and storing them properly between guests. 

Mixing warm and cool neutral colors can create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere that still makes a statement. Natural warm tones from wood furniture and accent pieces, combined with cool blues can make a room feel calming and like a respite from the world. Avoid bold colors or overwhelming patterns in the guest room, and stick to solid colors with subtle hues. 

A garment steamer can remove wrinkles from bedding and add a touch of elegance to your guest room’s appearance that your guests will appreciate. After all, there’s nothing better than sliding into soft, clean, wrinkle-free sheets after a long day’s travels.

Think About Every Aspect Of Your Guest’s Experience

The best hotels maintain their reputations because they think of every aspect of the guest’s experience, and keeping your guests in mind at your home can make it easy to make your home feel welcoming. I keep an easy-to-sanitize tray with guest essentials on hand to ensure that my guests never feel they have to ask for a forgotten item. An extra toothbrush and reusable bottles filled with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are an elegant touch that weary travelers will appreciate.

I also keep a carafe with fresh spring water and glasses in the guest room, so that my guests don’t feel they need to bother anyone to ask for a late night glass of water. Using a glass carafe feels upscale and cuts down on single-use plastic waste.

I also like to include a small candle with a subtle scent or some flowers to enhance my guest’s experience — if you’re unsure whether your guests have allergies that might be triggered by fresh flowers, consider fake or silk flowers. Silk flowers are easy to clean, either with a cleaner designed for the purpose or by placing the flowers in a bag with half a cup of cornmeal and half a cup of salt, and shaking gently to remove dust and debris from the flowers, then dusting the flowers gently.

Plush Towels, Robes, And Slippers Make Your Guest Room Feel Even Better Than Home

Keeping a supply of soft, plush guest towels on hand can help your guests feel as though they’ve checked into a luxe hotel for the night. I prefer organic cotton towels, and try to choose a soft blend that can hold up to washings after my guests leave. I complement the towels with cotton robes and slippers. These little touches tend to add to the experience and make guests feel welcomed and cared for. Be sure to choose items that can be easily cleaned and sanitized between guests, to ensure that all of your guests are able to safely enjoy them. 

Provide Designated Storage

No one likes living out of a suitcase, even for a few days at a time. Adequate storage for hanging and folded items alike is a must in a guest bedroom. Closet space with padded hangers can allow your guests to hang delicate items, and a small dresser can provide storage for folded items. Including a steamer or iron can allow your guests to press folded clothing before wearing it, and is a thoughtful touch for friends and family who have been traveling. 

Add Small Touches To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

If your guest space allows for it, a small desk and chair can be a nice touch in a guest room, allowing your guests a space to read, write, or work while traveling. Stocking your desk with a guidebook for your area can be a great way to give your family or friends some ideas about fun local travel destinations and events they may enjoy. A notebook and pen can allow them to jot down travel ideas or create a list. 

Likewise, a cozy chair or two can provide a lovely place to read or relax away from others as your guests enjoy their vacation time. And always include a mirror if you can, to allow guests to get ready for their fun adventures in your hometown. 

Need A Partner Who Knows How To Get Your Guest Room Ready? We’re Here to Help

Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we know how to care for your most precious items, and we can ensure that your guest room is always ready for an unexpected visitor.

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