Sustainably Store Your Holiday Decor So It Won’t Overwhelm You Next Holiday Season

  • Sustainably Store Your Holiday Decor So It Won't Overwhelm You Next Holiday Season

We’ve all been there. The holidays are approaching, and we get ready for the fun task of enlivening our homes with great holiday classics. However, when we open our boxes, we find that the festive job of decorating has been made more difficult by ornaments that are broken, damaged, or difficult to find, and strings of lights and garland that seem to have spent the whole year tangling themselves into inextricable knots. 

This year, as we prepare to take down our holiday decorations and enjoy 2022, we’ve got a few simple tips and tricks for how to pack away that holiday gear so it won’t overwhelm you next season. 

Label Everything

Sometimes finding our holiday decorations can be half the battle when it comes to getting our homes ready for the holiday season. Creating a labeling system can ensure that everything is easy to find when it comes time to transform your home into a winter wonderland again. 

Making this process easier starts with setting up a system to keep track of your decorations for the next year. As you’re packing away this year’s decor, make sure to add a label that lists out what’s in each container. For the extra-organized, creating an inventory on a phone or computer that contains an itemized list of what’s in each container and the container’s location in your home can make it easier to make sure everything is easy to find next holiday season. Apps like Vidder or Scan Your Boxes can generate a QR code you can affix to each container, so you can check out the contents without ever removing the box from the shelf. 

Whatever your method, ensuring that you have a way of locating your holiday decor next year can help save time and money — after all, who among us hasn’t gone out to replace a string of lights, only to find last year’s set a few days later?

Tangle Control

It’s no secret that items like strings of lights, garlands, and ribbons find a way to get tangled while they’re in storage. Unfortunately, tangled lights can be more than just a hassle; as pulling or trying to un-knot a truculent string of lights can result in broken wires or connectors, rendering the string useless. Luckily, this problem is so universal that a few innovative solutions have been created. The simplest solution is probably my favorite — a straightforward cord wrap that costs only a few dollars can help you take down, wrap, and store your holiday lights securely for next year. 

If you’re more serious about your holiday lights, or if you have a large number of outdoor lights, a cord reel can help to make managing storage a breeze. Available in manual and powered versions, some with their own dedicated storage containers, cord reels can help to manage a higher volume of lights while keeping the lights from shifting or rubbing against other items while stored. This secure storage solution means fewer broken bulbs or wires, and simple and easy retrieval next year. These solutions can also be used for long garlands, or ribbons, keeping your items in great condition and easy-to-find.

Storing Small Items And Ornaments

Small items and ornaments can be difficult to store safely and securely. Often irregular in shape and fragile, these items are easy to break, damage, or misplace. 

For the most serious holiday decorators, there are a number of dedicated storage systems for holiday ornaments available, but a repurposed item can serve the same purpose without requiring a new purpose. Boxes with cardboard dividers like those used to store wine bottles or glassware can easily be upcycled into great storage for small or irregular holiday items. Likewise, egg cartons, holiday cookie tins, and even take-out drink containers can be repurposed to protect your small items without creating additional waste.

Sorting items by color or theme before storing them can help to ensure you only have to take out what you need each holiday season. For example, if you like to change holiday themes, having a bin to store items that reflect your color story or theme, and ensuring it’s labeled appropriately, can ensure that you’re not trying to sort through items that you won’t use when it comes time to decorate. Separating your items also ensures that items you don’t want to use stay safe and secure for future use. 

Ensure that any items are wiped clean and dry with a microfiber cloth before storing them — after all, the last thing you want as you’re preparing for the year ahead is to deal with an item that’s dusty, or worse, has been destroyed by moisture. Placing desiccant gel and mothballs in storage with any cloth or paper items can help to ensure that your decor stays protected and in pristine condition for next year.

Storing Wreaths And Other Large Items

Wreaths, door hangers, and other large items should be stored flat if possible, and in low-profile containers to avoid crushing. If you have the closet space, covering wreaths with a garment bag or repurposed dry-cleaning bag and hanging them up can ensure that they make it to next year without becoming bent-out-of-shape. 

Ready To Tackle Winter Cleaning? We’re Here to Help

Here at Sweeping Dimensions, one of our primary goals is to make cleaning less stressful for you — and more healthy and sustainable for our environment. 

We also believe in passing along our green cleaning knowledge, whenever we can. We love to talk all things cleaning and organizing, including the strategies that can make taking care of your home a more sustainable and enjoyable practice. The more people we can bring together in our mission for a healthier world, the better off our planet will be! 

So, if you ever have a question about comparing cleaning products, starting a new composting practice, or making a sustainable swap in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we’re always happy to talk shop and try to make a difference, however we can. 

At SDCS, we’re sincerely passionate about these issues, dedicated to finding real solutions, and always eager to keep the conversation going.

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