Best Eco-Friendly DIY Room Deodorizers

  • Eco-Friendly DIY Room Deodorizers

There’s nothing like a freshly scented room to give you a smile and lift your spirits. Knowing how to keep your most-used rooms smelling sweet and fresh is one of the keys to keeping your home feeling like new between cleanings; there is also a wide body of research connecting our favorite scents to our emotions and memories. 

Unfortunately, many of the store-bought deodorizers out there are anything but environmentally friendly. Many commercial air freshening sprays use a ton of excess packaging, as well as chemical propellants that can cause respiratory irritation, among other potential dangers. It’s important to do your research whenever you invest in a new store-bought product; even some freshening sprays and mists labeled as “nontoxic” will likely have some ingredients that you’d rather avoid. 

Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to create all natural, nontoxic DIY deodorizers at home! Here are a few tried-and-true classics to add to your routine this spring: 

Step One? Bring In the Fresh Air

There’s no substitute for fresh, clean air. Whenever possible, try to open up the windows to let the fresh air — and sunlight — pour in! In fact, circulating fresh air into your home can have enormous benefits, since studies have shown that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. There are also all sorts of simple DIY steps you can take to help everyone in your home breathe a little easier, including regularly changing out your air conditioning and furnace filters and regularly dusting your air vents and radiators. 

Fresh Flowers, Blooms, Herbs, and Houseplants

Did you know that some houseplants can actually help to purify the air in your space? In any case, houseplants, fresh flowers, herbs, and blooms can help fill your favorite rooms with sweet and gentle smells, while adding some stunning visual decor to boot. Roses, geraniums, lavender, rosemary, and mint are all wonderfully fragrant choices. For air purifying plants, consider striking greens like Money Plants and palms. 

Simmer Pots

We’ve sung the praises of simmer pots on this site before, because they’re an amazingly nifty, easy, and natural way to spread amazing scents throughout your entire home. A simmer pot is essentially a large pot filled with water and aromatics, which might include fresh-cut citrus, spices, and herbs. Bring this pot to a gentle simmer on the stove, and let it do its thing — just remember to keep an eye on it over time, to avoid any possible accidents. 

Pomander Balls

Have you ever heard of a pomander ball? Talk about DIY! This throwback craft project involves studding a dried, cured orange with whole cloves. The end result is an all-natural deodorizer perfect for hanging in small spaces, where the chemical compounds in the cloves can help ward off unwanted pests naturally. 

Essential Oil Diffusers

Why do we love essential oils? Let us count the reasons! They can be used for everything from cleaning to pest prevention — and best of all, these everyday essentials smell amazing, and are all-natural. There are many different types of diffusers perfect for filling any room with the smell of your favorite oils, including electric versions and DIY reed diffusers, which use bamboo or wood to conduct the scent into the air. 

Herbal Potpourri

Many people think of potpourri as stuffy and outdated. But the stuff we’re talking about isn’t your grandma’s potpourri! Instead of those fussy and processed versions, modern potpourri can be put together by hand using your favorite combination of dried flowers, herbs, and essential oils, packed into an eco-friendly glass, wood, or ceramic container. 

Homemade Air Freshener Mists

Rather than shelling out big bucks for a processed and overly chemical spray, make your own DIY concoction using a reusable spray bottle — one of our go-to cleaning essentials! You could whip up a spray using water, vodka or rubbing alcohol, and your favorite essential oils; white vinegar and water; or citrus peels, vodka, water, and herbs.

Homemade Deodorizing Powders

What if I told you that there was a magic powder that could magically freshen up almost any space? Now what if I told you that you probably already had this magical solution in your home right now? Baking soda is a go-to fridge and pantry deodorizer for a reason. This amazing powder soaks up unwanted smells like magic. Create a compact deodorizer by filling a small glass jar with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil and leaving the top off; you can also sprinkle this on rugs or door mats before vacuuming for a natural freshening up. 

Essential Oil and Fabric Hanging Air Fresheners

You can recreate the classic hanging air freshener that you’d find in cars and trucks at home, using just a little bit of fabric such as felt, scissors, cardboard, and your favorite essential oils. Hang this in your vehicle, or in a smelly closet or pantry. 

Some Store-Bought Solutions to Try

If you’ve found a truly nontoxic air freshening product that you love, we’d love to hear about it! We’ve looked into countless store-bought solutions over the years. Some of our favorites include activated charcoal, reusable USB plug-in oil diffusers, and nontoxic and zero waste candles made by ethical local companies. Let us know what we need to try by sending us an email, or connecting with our sustainability-loving community on social media. 

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