10 Cleaning Ideas That Can Freshen Up a Room in 10 Minutes or Less

  • 10 Cleaning Ideas That Can Freshen Up a Room in 10 Minutes or Less

Today’s post is all about the quick and dirty — or should we say quick and clean? 

Sometimes, all you have is a few free minutes to get up, get active, and get cleaning. In those moments when you have a burst of productivity, or just a few spare minutes between Zoom calls, working out, and cooking dinner, it helps to know where you should put your focus. 

In these moments, cleaning your whole home can feel daunting, causing you to procrastinate and put things off. On the other hand, just tackling one or two things may not feel “worth it,” causing those dissatisfied feelings to linger on. 

Is there a happy middle ground? Yes — if you focus on quick, high-impact activities that can create maximum revitalization with minimum effort. 

Freshening Up a Room in 10 Minutes or Less

Whether you want to make the most of your next bout of downtime or start taking your first steps to a cleaner space, here are 10 simple and practical cleaning ideas that you can use to refresh any room in your house — all in about 10 minutes or less, per task: 

1.) Dust the Visible Surfaces

When in doubt, dust! Dusting is one of the most impactful cleaning tasks there is, and it gets easier the more you do it. Break out your favorite microfiber cloth or duster and go to work. For the biggest change in the shortest period of time, dust your visible surfaces, such as countertops and tables. On a day when you have more time, you can focus on things like ceiling fan blades, moldings, and electronics. 

2.) Spend 10 Minutes Putting Away Clutter

As we often say, doing the dishes is the first step to a cleaner home. Little things make a big difference. To leave a positive mark on any room, deal with clutter whenever you can. This might include: 

  • Putting beauty products and toothpaste into your medicine cabinet
  • Stacking and shelving books
  • Putting away kids’ toys
  • Picking clothes off of the bedroom floor
  • Straightening up your shelves or coffee table 
  • Organizing remote controls
  • Doing the dishes 
  • Putting away pots, pans, and small kitchen appliances

3.) Sweep or Vacuum the Floors

A clean floor can give a room a whole new feeling — plus, it doesn’t take long to sweep or vacuum. Check out our go-to guides for cleaning hardwoods and vacuuming rugs and carpets. 

4.) Disinfect Common Touchpoints

A lot of people here in Chicago got deep into disinfectants as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’ve been slacking off — or just want to adopt a lifelong healthy habit for yourself and your family (including the four-legged members) — make it a point to regularly disinfect common touchpoints, including remote controls, tabletops, lightswitches, doorknobs, curtain pulls, and so on. 

5.) Fold Up Pillows, Blankets, and Bedding

Make your bed! This quick and simple task is scientifically proven to help you be more focused and productive throughout the day. It also takes no time at all to fold up and properly hang your towels in the kitchen and bath, or to put away your blankets in the living room or basement. 

6.) Do a Quick Pass Over Your Appliances

Doing a deep clean of your appliances takes some serious time. But if you have about 10 minutes, you can make the outside of your favorite appliances shine. Wipe down your refrigerator doors and handles, clean your stovetop, wipe grime from your microwave, and wipe down the front and sides of your dishwasher and washer/dryer machines. 

7.) Wipe Down Your Windows and Mirrors

Natural light is a major mood booster – so letting in some more of it is a surefire way to see any room with a fresh perspective. Check out our handy guides for cleaning your glass surfaces, including windows and mirrors. 

8.) Dust Your Houseplants

Houseplants help breathe life into a space. Help them breathe by taking good care of them! Believe it or not, plants do get dusty and dirty. If you notice grime or dust, gently and carefully wipe down the leaves of your favorite green plants. You can also give them a quick bath in the sink or shower if you have a few spare minutes. 

9.) Take Out the Trash

Trash is stinky and gross. And psychologically, it’s a reminder of yesterday, weighing you down when you should be moving forward. Get rid of it for a fresh new feel in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Dealing with smelly compost? Check out our guide to keeping your compost bins clean and functional. 

10.) Bring In Some Fresh Scents

Smell is closely tied to memory, therefore fresh smells often equal a fresh perspective. Bring in some of your favorite essential oils, light a candle, start up a simmer pot, or create a homemade eco-friendly deodorizer to freshen things up. 

Sweeping Dimensions Is Here to Help

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