Best Environmentally Friendly Ways to Spoil Your Pets

  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Ways to Spoil Your Pets

A wise person once said that, “having an animal in your life makes you a better human.” I couldn’t agree more! Having a furry friend running around the house is a wonderful way to fill your home with love and joy. Studies have actually shown strong links between spending time with animals and experiencing less stress and more happiness!

As all of our fellow animal lovers out there know, it’s important to keep your pet’s favorite spaces clean and tidy – and take preventive action to keep your floors and fabrics clean while your fur baby runs around. It’s also important to show your furry friend love, whenever you can! In this post, I want to call out a few eco-friendly ways to spoil your pets. This way, you can make sure your sweet baby knows how much they mean to you – and you can join in the movement for a more sustainable planet at the same time! 

Here are a few ways to promote a zero-waste lifestyle while loving your pets to the fullest: 

Go for a Run or Walk Outside

What could be better than some time in the great outdoors? One of the best ways to spoil your pet is also one of the most classic – give them some time in the fresh air! Take your dog for walks on a regular basis, or go to a nearby park to play fetch and let your poochie run around in the grass (or sand). If you have a backyard, think about how you can keep it secure so that you can let your pup run free and get its energy out. Depending on your cat’s temperament, some felines might also love to roam around in the great outdoors if given the chance. Just be safe and take every care to protect your fur baby from danger! 

Some brands making environmentally friendly collars, harnesses, and leashes for doggos and kitties include Cranbery, Wild One, and Cycle Dog. 

Use Eco-Friendly Poo Bags and Litter Boxes

Long-time pet owners know that animals produce a lot of waste. Unfortunately, a lot of times cleaning up after a pet has meant turning to wasteful single-use solutions. Now, however, there are plenty of options that can make getting rid of your pet’s waste cleaner, easier, and more natural, including:

Look Into Sustainable Toys, Bowls, and Bedding

The best pets deserve the best goodies! Unfortunately, many products meant for animals are little better than single-use, breaking down after just a few days. Others are made from plastics and other materials that are less than environmentally friendly. Here are a few new options to look into the next time you want to spoil your pet: 

Sweeping Dimensions: A Cleaning With a Conscience

Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we focus on handling all sorts of cleaning and housekeeping projects, so you can focus on the other things that matter most to you. We make a point of always having sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on hand and ready to use.

The more people we can bring together in our mission for a greener world, the better off all of us will be! 

So, if you ever have a question about comparing cleaning products, or making a green switch in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch – I am always happy to talk shop! At SDCS, we are sincerely passionate about these issues, dedicated to finding real solutions, and always eager to keep the conversation going.

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