Just Moved Into a New Apartment? Clean These 3 Places First

  • Three places to clean in a new apartment

A new home or apartment is such an exciting thing! It’s also a fairly dirty thing — which is why it’s so important to do some deep cleaning in your new space before or immediately after moving in. 

Need a little motivation? Well, think about all the people who might have lived in and used this space before you. Then consider how many people have been in and out during the period when the unit was being shown, renovated, and seen by potential occupants. 

If you’re anything like us, you’re reaching for that disinfectant already! 

Whether you’re moving into a new construction home or relocating into a vintage Chicago apartment, taking some time to clean and sanitize your new space can help this move feel like the fresh start it really is! We suggest cleaning the space before moving in, if you have time — or take some time to clean and sanitize as you unpack, to deal with any germs that may have followed you in on the big day. 

Cleaning your new home properly before you move in can help provide peace of mind that you’re really getting a fresh start… but what should go on your deep cleaning checklist? Here are the three major places you should clean first when you move into a new apartment.

1.) Clean and Sanitize the Kitchen First

The kitchen is the busiest room of the house, and also one of the dirtiest. Every member of your family spends time in the kitchen — and not every member is the tidiest. Food crumbs and spills collect quickly, and grease from the stove can end up in places you wouldn’t expect, like on top of cabinets across the room. 

As a result, there may be grime and debris in unexpected places — and you don’t want to spend your first few weeks in your new place saying “ew, what’s that?!” every time you go to cook a delicious meal! 

To clean your kitchen most efficiently, experts generally recommend cleaning from high to low to avoid having to clean things twice. Start by cleaning the tops of cabinets and the top of your refrigerator. You can use a damp cloth with a solution of mild dish soap and water to wipe away any grease or dust that has accumulated in these out-of-the-way areas. Next, clean the refrigerator inside and out. Unless it’s a brand new appliance, you’ll want to take out all of the shelves and drawers and wipe down the walls to get rid of fingerprints, stains, and lingering odors.

Then, clean the pantry and any cabinets where former residents may have stored food, or wherever you plan to store your food. Wipe down the shelves and walls, and check for any critters (even dead ones!) to make sure you can prevent any potential pest issues before they happen. 

Finally, take some time to sanitize and disinfect the countertops, cabinet hardware, door knobs, faucet handles and so on — so you can have some peace of mind and protection from lingering pathogens.

2. Then Clean The Bathrooms

Most of us prefer not to think about what may have taken place in our home’s bathrooms before we moved in. Give yourself some peace of mind by cleaning these all-important spaces ASAP!

Just like the kitchen, start at the top of the room. Wipe down any window frames, fans, and the tops of your cabinets first. If you have a medicine cabinet or closet in your new bathroom, be sure to clean those inside and out with a disinfectant spray or mild soapy solution. Look for dust and debris in light fixtures, and give them a good wipedown. 

Then, turn to the toilet. Some pros recommend just replacing the toilet seats, since they are fairly inexpensive and you can be sure they’re clean. If not, sanitize the seat and the back of the toilet with your preferred disinfectant. Don’t forget to clean the bowl, and check to see if there’s any dust or moisture in that hard-to-reach area behind the toilet. 

Next, scrub the shower tiles and the tub. While you’re scrubbing, you can soak your shower head and faucets in a baking soda solution to get rid of any gunk that might be stuck on them. Be sure to also clean the drains in your sink and shower. You wouldn’t want to have a clog, and end up standing in inches of water in your freshly cleaned bathtub.

Finally, clean the floors; brush up any dirt or debris, then follow behind with a wet mop to make sure your bathroom sparkles. 

3. Clean The Closets As You Unpack

This last suggestion might surprise you, but think about it: When was the last time you really cleaned out your closet? 

And we don’t just mean organizing it or rotating your winter and summer clothes — but really taking some time to take everything out, sweeping the floors, and making sure to remove any dust or pet hair lurking in the corners. If you’re like many people, the answer is… well, never. You might have noticed this when you packed up your clothes at your old place, unexpectedly leaving behind closets full of dust and grime. 

Your closets, especially if they house your shoes and outdoor gear, can collect tons of dirt, dust, animal hair, and other things. They’re also the one of the first places you fill with your own things when you move into a new home. 

To clean the closets, start again from the top. Use a long-handled dusting tool and swipe it across the walls and the upper corners of your closets to remove dust and cobwebs that may have collected. Wipe down any shelves to remove dust and debris, then continue gently wiping the walls. Finish by sweeping and mopping the floor, or vacuuming if your closet has a carpeted floor. Be sure to use your vacuum attachments to get into the corners, and use a disinfecting wipe on light switches, door knobs, and other common touchpoints. 

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