How to Show Thanks With a Cleaning

  • How to Show Thanks With a Cleaning

Thanksgiving season is here, and that means it’s a wonderful time to show your gratitude and appreciation to the people who matter most — with a cleaning! 

Whether you’re looking to give Mom some well-deserved rest in the leadup to the holidays, show your friends and employees how much they mean to you, or simply give yourself a much-needed break from stress and anxiety, a cleaning is a great way to say “thanks.”

And did you know that taking time to show your appreciation can make a big difference for your own health and happiness? It’s true!

It all comes down to practicing gratitude. describes gratitude as the two-fold practice of affirming the good things you’ve received, and acknowledging the role other people play in providing your life with goodness.

A huge body of research has shown that working gratitude into your daily life can come with enormous health and lifestyle benefits, including “including better physical and psychological health, increased happiness and life satisfaction, decreased materialism, and more.” Specifically, studies have suggested that those who regularly feel and express their appreciation:

  • Have healthier and more meaningful relationships
  • Make healthier physical choices, such as exercising more regularly 
  • Experience greater overall happiness and lower rates of depression, as well as fewer “toxic” emotions, such as envy or resentment
  • Get better sleep
  • Enjoy better self-esteem and more empathy for others
  • Are less likely to suffer from burnout and more likely to develop mental strength and resilience

As we head for the Thanksgiving holiday, now is a good time to think about all the big and small ways that you share thanks and practice gratitude. Experts agree that it’s a good idea to regularly “freshen up your thanks” and “make thankfulness fun by mixing it up,” as the online resource happify explains: 

“While you might always be thankful for your great family, just writing ‘I’m grateful for my family’ week after week doesn’t keep your brain on alert for fresh grateful moments… Be sure to stretch yourself beyond the great stuff right in front of you. Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice.”

And that brings us right back to cleaning! 

If you’re looking for a creative or fresh way to show the people in your life how much they mean to you, a cleaning is a great place to start.

Whether you lead the charge around the house or bring in a professional cleaning service, this gesture can be incredibly powerful — and truly useful. 

This has been a tough and stressful year. A clean home is a gift that keeps on giving. In fact, living in a clean space has been shown to help lead to a healthier lifestyle, less stress, and greater focus and productivity. The American Cleaning Institute found that having a clean home makes people feel accomplished (36%), satisfied (29%), safe (18%), and happy (18%).

In this era of coronavirus, an investment in a clean and sanitary home is also an investment in your safety and peace of mind; the more regularly you have your home cleaned and disinfected, the more safe, secure, and comfortable you’ll feel. 

At the same time, a cleaning frees up time that could be spent on the things that matter most! Even tackling something small, like doing the dishes or mopping the floors, can give your loved one time to read, watch TV, go for a walk, or enjoy quality time with their little ones. 

It’s hard to overstate the value of those precious moments — and how much they can add up to a huge improvement in your household’s quality of life and well-being. In fact, studies have shown that bringing on a cleaning service can help the average family regain 730 hours of time per year – that’s about 30 days of extra time! This can particularly benefit all the moms, aunts, and grandmoms out there, who will spend nearly 13,000 hours of their lifetimes cleaning, on average — and plenty of time vacuuming, sweeping, and scrubbing right now, in the lead up to the holiday season. 

Best of all? When you’re ready to show your friends and family how much you care, we’re here to make it easy to get the reliable and professional cleaning services you’ve been searching for. 

Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service Is Here for You

At Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful! Our teams of professionally trained cleaners offer flexible time windows, and can bring all of the tools and products necessary to clean your home, with an emphasis on green, environmentally friendly materials. We also offer gift certificates for any of our services, available at any time of the year. A gift certificate for a clean home is one of the best gifts that you can buy for someone you care about! 

Have any more questions? Ready to show your thanks and make this holiday season one to remember and enjoy? Get in touch today to get the conversation started! 

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