How to Clean Your Crown Moldings, Baseboards, and Trim

  • How to Clean Crown Moldings, Baseboards, and Trim

There’s nothing like crown moldings, baseboards, and trim to add charm and an amazing architectural finish to a home. Whether you live in a classic bungalow from the 1920s or a contemporary home with personality to spare, crown moldings and trim are often used as a stylish focal point in a room — which can make it all the more important to keep these beautiful accents clean! 

With that being said, we also know how much of a pain it can be to keep crown moldings, baseboards, door frames, and other kinds of trim looking their best. Moldings are often some of the hardest-to-reach spots in a home, particularly in rooms with high ceilings. Meanwhile, nobody wants to get down on their hands and knees to scrub their baseboards every day. 

But as anyone who’s lived in a vintage property can tell you, the longer you put off cleaning your moldings and baseboards, the more time they have to collect dust, grime, scuff marks, and stains. 

So, what can you do to keep your gorgeous finishes looking clean? Here are our go-to guidelines for cleaning crown moldings, baseboards, and other kinds of interior trim around a home: 

3 Tips for Cleaning Your Crown Moldings

Crown moldings come in all shapes and sizes, and in any number of shades and finishes. While everyone’s approach will be a bit different, here are three key things to keep in mind as you clean your moldings: 

Extend Your Reach to Get the Dust and Cobwebs

If you’re feeling intimidated by the prospect of getting those high corners and ceilings, remember that you can get started with your feet planted on the floor! Use a long-handled extendable duster or a vacuum with extendable attachments to do an initial sweep of your crown moldings. This will help capture or clear away a significant amount of dust and debris — and, in some cases, may be the only step you need to keep your moldings looking presentable! After this step, remember to look at the walls and floor, to see if you should follow up with a vacuum or wet wipe to get rid of any debris or cobwebs you knocked down while cleaning.

Get Rid of Stubborn Dirt and Spots With a Gentle Cleanser

To polish your moldings, mix up a gentle solution — such as water and vinegar, or water and Castile Soap — and use it to gently wipe down your moldings with a clean microfiber cloth, rag, or sponge. 

Always keep your home’s building materials and finishes in mind. For example, you may prefer to switch to a wood cleanser for some wooden moldings, or avoid certain cleaning agents (like alcohol or ammonia) on delicate painted surfaces. When in doubt, reach out to your local cleaning authority for ideas and advice! Do your research ahead of time, and consider testing your cleanser on a small, hard-to-see section first, to make sure it’s not causing any discoloration or damage. 

Remember: Safety First

If you have to use a ladder or stepladder to brush off or wipe down your moldings, remember to be safe! Have a spotter on hand in case you lose your balance; take your time and avoid sudden movements; and try not to overextend your reach. 

3 Tips for Cleaning Baseboards, Wainscoting, and Trim

Baseboards, wainscoting, and other kinds of trim can add a rustic or regal finish to your space — but these attention-grabbing features are also like magnets for dust, grime, fingerprints, and all sorts of unexplainable splatters and scuff marks. Here’s how to keep your baseboards picture-perfect, in three key steps: 

Vacuum and Brush Away Dirt and Debris

Start by clearing away dust, dirt, and cobwebs by using a vacuum with a baseboard attachment. You can also use a broom or duster to clear away dust and debris, then follow with your favorite dry mop to catch everything you’ve knocked loose. Once you’ve vacuumed and dry dusted, it’s time to…

Wipe the Surface With a Functional Cleanser

There are a few different methods you can use to clean your baseboards, depending on the amount of grime you need to remove. Generally speaking, you should be able to clean most baseboards and trim with a clean microfiber cloth or sponge gently moistened with a solution of water and dish soap or white vinegar. Use as little cleaning solution as possible, to avoid damaging your surfaces. For heartier materials or surfaces with caked-on grime, consider using a melamine sponge (AKA a Magic Eraser), moistened with a bit of water. 

Bonus tip! Once your baseboards are clean and dry, wipe them down one more time with a dryer sheet. Believe it or not, this can help repel dust, and make future cleanings a whole lot easier. 

Don’t Forget All the Nooks and Crannies

As you wipe down your baseboards, wainscotting, window frames, and other types of interior trim, make time to get into the grooves, as well as the small areas above and below the boards. If it’s been a while between cleanings, you may be surprised by how much dust and grime you can clear out of the nooks and crannies using a clean toothbrush or cotton swab. 

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