10 Tiny Steps That Can Make Your Kitchen Feel Like New

  • 10 Tiny Steps That Can Make Your Kitchen Feel Like New

During these uncertain times, all of us at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service are here for you. We’re your Chicago cleaning experts, and we’re always ready to help in any way that we can. Here on our blog, we will continue to pass along guidelines, tips, and all of the up-to-the-minute information you need to keep your home, business, and family safe and comfortable.

We know this is a stressful time. And our mission will always be to make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful. 

As we all stay home and do our part to maintain healthy social distancing practices and flatten the COVID-19 curve, it’s easy to start to feel just a bit cooped up. 

We know that a little at-home isolation can go a long way — especially during the warm, sunny summer months, when everyone is itching to travel or hang out with friends and family. To help, we’ve been sharing some fresh and fun ideas for making your home’s most-loved spaces feel brand new in no time. This week, we’ll focus on refreshing “the heart” of the home: the kitchen.

Whether your kitchen is the centerpiece of a modern open-concept condo, or you have a historic house with a charming galley kitchen, this area is one of the most functional and important spaces in any home. Far beyond cooking and cleaning, our kitchens also serve as gathering rooms, homework areas, craft studios, mudrooms, and so much more. 

So,with so much life happening in the kitchen, it can be frustrating when this vital, centering room starts to feel tired and dull. Looking to bring the sparkle and shine back to your kitchen,  especially after months of social distancing? 

Here are ten simple steps you can take to make your kitchen feel just like new in a flash — while staying safe and healthy at home: 

1.) Get Rid of Lingering Odors…

Is your kitchen starting to smell a bit stale and funky? It can be hard to feel inspired to whip up a delicious meal in a kitchen that smells like yesterday’s leftovers. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get rid of lingering odors in the kitchen, including cleaning your garbage can; deodorizing your garbage disposal; taking steps to prevent moisture and dampness in your pantry; and freshening up your microwave. 

2.) … And Bring In Some Fresh New Scents

Out with the old, and in with the new! Once you’ve gotten rid of those pesky old odors, look for creative and simple ways to bring in your favorite fresh scents. In the kitchen, some ideas might include setting out a lively essential oil diffuser on your island; setting a “simmer pot” on your stove on cool evenings; burning incense or candles; growing your own fragrant herbs and spices; or bringing in fresh-cut flowers and nourishing, green houseplants.

3.) Change Up Your Color Story

Kitchen starting to feel a bit blah? A little bit of color can help liven it up! There are lots of fun ways to introduce a new color story to your workspace. Try touching up the paint on your upper- or lower-cabinets, a project that can be tackled in a long weekend. You might also set out a colorful, decorative centerpiece on your island; swap out your tablecloths and runners; or add some chic and colorful new magnets to your fridge for a pop of excitement. 

4.) Get Organized and Add New Storage

Did you know that there is a direct link between clutter and your health? In fact, one study found that people whose spaces are clean and orderly are more likely to make healthier choices — including eating more nutritious meals. Looking to give yourself a push, and make cooking your next masterpiece easier? Start by decluttering your overloaded pantries and cabinets, then add a new organizational system to make storage a breeze. You could sort your household staples by adding homemade labels; install hanging baskets or a “lazy susan” to keep things in reach; or upcycle old boxes and crates into helpful storage containers that you can slot in anywhere. 

5.) Clean Those “Hard to Reach” Places

Sometimes, the dust and dirt that’s easiest to overlook may actually be having the biggest impact on your space. To revive your entire kitchen, try cleaning and sanitizing those areas that you normally keep on the backburner, including the surfaces above your cabinets; underneath and behind your refrigerator and oven; and in all those “hard-to-reach” spots, such as your crown molding, baseboards, and far-flung corners. 

6.) Deep-Clean Your Appliances

When was the last time you seriously degreased your oven, got that old gunk out of your fridge, or gave your dishwasher some TLC? Deep-cleaning your hardest working appliances can be a great way to make your kitchen feel like new. For pointers on how to get started, check out our guides to cleaning your fridge, taking care of your stove and oven, and cleaning the machines that clean for you. 

7.) Hang Some Artwork

While your kitchen may not be the first place you think to hang up that gorgeous new art print, this is a space that can really benefit from that perfect finishing touch. Look for artwork that sets the mood and compliments the atmosphere created by the rest of your kitchen decor. Bold paintings, framed food photography, family portraits, and handcrafted collages can all add a real breath of fresh air — and help you to truly rediscover this all-too-familiar space. 

8.) Break Out a Cooking Tool You Haven’t Used In a While

Feeling stuck in a dinnertime rut? One way to really enjoy your time in the kitchen is to make the most of a cooking tool you haven’t used in some time. Have a crock-pot sitting on top of your cabinet, just waiting to slow cook some summertime barbecue? Looking for the chance to bust out your favorite spiralizer and make some fresh veggie noodles? Ready to finally try out your little-used juicer or waffle iron at your next weekend brunch? Spend some time learning to use a new tool, and you might just start to see your kitchen through a whole new set of eyes. 

9.) Turn Up the Volume

What could be a better accompaniment to a delicious meal than the perfect soundtrack? Look into ways to bring your favorite tunes into the kitchen. Whether you crank up your favorite songs and podcasts through a handy portable speaker or a new indoor sound system, adding a little bit of audio can make your next meal prep session feel a whole lot more enjoyable. 

10.) Freshen Up Your Floors

Want to create a tip-top kitchen? Start from the ground up! Cleaning and refreshing your floors can be a great way to transform your entire space. If you have hardwood floors in the kitchen, take a bit of time to sweep and mop them on a regular basis, so they look their very best. If you have tile, cleaning your dirty grout is a simple project that will help make your floors feel like new — and leave you feeling fulfilled and accomplished! In addition to regularly cleaning your floors, think about ways to decorate them, like adding a stylish non-slip mat or kitchen rug in your favorite color or material.  

Looking to Make the Most of Your Chicago Space? We’re Here for You

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Whatever challenges life brings, you can rest assured that Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service will always be here to help. 

Our cleaning experts can tackle the little things, so you and your loved ones can remain safe and secure, no matter what. Our teams of professionally trained cleaners offer flexible time windows, unparalleled attention to detail, and can bring all of the cleaning supplies necessary to sanitize your home or office.

We can help take some of the pressure off, giving you back time to focus on what matters most — including getting reacquainted with your home’s most familiar spaces! 

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