How to Clean for a Cool, Relaxing Summer

  • Cleaning for a cool, relaxing summer

Summer is a time to enjoy the fresh air, soak in the sunshine, and spend some quality time with the people who matter most. With some key social distancing measures still in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, however, this is sure to be a summer like no other. Across Chicago, more people will be spending hot summer days at home — and looking for creative ways to stay cool and relaxed during the warmest days of the year. 

One way to keep cool and make the most of your summer at home is to tackle some important items on your cleaning checklist. The earlier you get your cleaning out of the way, the less you’ll have to stress about it during the dog days of summer — and the less you’ll have to work up a sweat, right when you’d rather be playing it cool! 

So, what should go on your cleaning to-do list for a cool, relaxing summer? Here are some tried-and-true steps that can make this the most refreshing summer season ever: 

1.) Clean Your Air Vents

Regularly cleaning your air vents is one of the most important ways to keep your family cool, all summer long. Be sure to keep your floor and ceiling vents open and unobstructed by bulky furniture, and take time to clear out the vents with an extendable vacuum attachment. To deep clean your vents, use a microfiber cloth, gently dampened with a little bit of water and your favorite all-purpose cleanser. 

2.) Change Out Your Filters

Winter, spring, summer, and fall, our air filters do an incredibly important job. These unseen heroes help remove dust, dirt, and other allergens from the air, allowing everyone in the household to breathe a bit easier while staying cool and relaxed during the summer months. When you let these filters get clogged, they can’t do their job. This can take a major toll on the efficiency of your HVAC systems — and make it more likely that your loved ones will breathe in unwanted allergens and pollutants. Air filters should be changed every few months; if you have a reusable filter, this can usually be cleaned with a vacuum and water. 

3.) Deep Clean Your Blinds and Drapes

Blinds, shades, and window treatments can be a stylish way to help your family stay cool. This summer, take some time to give your window coverings a little bit of TLC. You can take down curtains and drapes and give them a good shake outside to dislodge dust and debris, or go over every inch with a specialized vacuum attachment. Some drapes can also be gently cleaned in the dryer. For blinds, use a dampened cloth to go over each slat and get rid of dust and grime; you can also bathe some types of waterproof hanging blinds in a bath of soap and water. 

4.) Fight Back Against Mold and Mildew

Summer in Chicago means a lot of humidity — which can quickly start to mean plenty of problems with mold and mildew around your house. Throughout the summer, be sure to regularly look for mold in the wettest parts of your home, as well as the spots that get less light and fresh air. Common hotspots for mold include your bathroom, kitchen, basement, and attic. In addition to looking for signs of mold or water damage, look for conditions that may lead to mold growth in the future, such as leaks or wet spots. Circulating fresh air with a fan or vent can be a powerful way to help prevent mold, as can regular cleanings of “problem areas” with a bit of water and a powerful detergent. 

5.) Clean Off Your Deck or Patio — and Get There Early!

Looking forward to kicking back with a good beach read and an ice cold lemonade this summer? Don’t forget to clean off your patio, balcony, deck, or rooftop. Clear away leaves or debris with a broom, then follow up with a wet mop. Polish your railings and light fixtures, and wipe down all of your outdoor furniture and appliances. Be sure to be safe and use the right tools for the job. Just as importantly, you can make this sweaty work easier by picking the right time to clean your outdoor areas. Try to avoid taking on this active, draining work during times when the sun will be shining directly on you. For this reason, you may find that tackling outdoor cleaning tasks early in the morning or later in the evening will work best to help you beat the heat.

6.) Clean Your Fans

Even if you have the most powerful air conditioning system around, there may still be times when you need to turn to your old, reliable fans. Unfortunately, the very fans you use to stay cool and chill out can also be a major breeding ground for dust and grime.

To clean your home’s ceiling fan blades, use a pillowcase to capture dust from each side at once. You can also use your favorite extendable duster to gently wipe away grime and clear away debris; be sure to follow up with a vacuum to get rid of any debris that may fall to the floor. To clean your electrical fans — including standing fans, box fans, and tower fans — make sure the unit is unplugged, then gently wipe down the grates and outer edges of the device with a clean cloth or brush. If you want to clean inside your fans, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to disassemble the device. 

7.) Dust, Dust, Dust

Looking for a foolproof summer cleaning secret? Keep dusting your household surfaces on a regular basis, just as you would in spring, winter, or fall. All of the bright summer sunlight streaming in through your windows and skylights can help shine a spotlight on all the dust particles floating around. Stay cool and chill out by making dusting a regular part of your cleaning routine. Get your tables, furniture, windows, electronics, knick knacks and valuables, as well as all those hard-to-reach spaces you may normally overlook. 

8.) Deal With Stale Summer Odors

Stinky trash cans and stale, musty scents are a surefire way to ruin a relaxing summer day indoors. Stay cool and relaxed all season by coming up with creative ways to deal with those unpleasant summer odors. Regularly clean and deodorize your trash can with soap and water; clean the funk out of your microwave with a bit of fresh lemon and water; bring in houseplants to help purify and freshen up the air in your space; and use mists and diffusers loaded with your favorite summery essential oils to help keep your home smelling great between cleanings. 

Looking to Make the Most of a Summer at Home? We’re Here to Help

Here at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service, we truly love summer – and we want to help you enjoy yours to the fullest!

With an experienced cleaning team on your side, you can focus on going out and enjoying the summer sun – or relaxing and keeping cool inside during the “dog days” to come.

Here at SDCS, our priority is to empower you to have more fun, and less stress. We know that summer can bring some unique cleaning challenges, from muddy pawprints to excessive heat and humidity. Things are even more complicated right now, with the uncertainty around COVID-19. 

This summer, you can count on us to keep your home clean, fresh, and safe all season long. 

With a professionally trained and uniformed staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products. We are well-stocked with EPA-certified disinfectants to help keep your home safe from pathogens, including COVID-19.

Ready to clear off your cleaning checklist… and start getting in the mood for a cool, refreshing summer at home? Get in touch today for your free service estimate, and be sure to connect with us on social media for updates, tips, and more.

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