10 Tiny Steps That Can Make Your Bathroom Feel Like New

  • 10 Tiny Steps That Can Make Your Bathroom Feel Like New

During these uncertain times, all of us at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service are here for you. We’re your Chicago cleaning experts, and we’re always ready to help in any way that we can. Here on our blog, we will continue to pass along guidelines, tips, and all of the up-to-the-minute information you need to keep your home, business, and family safe and comfortable.

We know this is a stressful time. And our mission will always be to make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful. 

As we all continue to try to do our part to maintain healthy social distancing practices and flatten the COVID-19 curve, it’s easy to start to feel cooped up. A little at-home isolation can go a long way, after all! That’s why we wanted to take some time to give you some fresh and fun ideas for keeping your home’s most loved spaces feeling brand new. First up: your bathrooms!

Your master bathroom is probably a space that you use every single day — and it’s more than likely an area that you already make it a point to clean on a regular basis. The same goes for your powder rooms, guest baths, and kids’ bathrooms. 

Once you’ve sanitized every familiar surface, it’s easy for your bathroom to start to feel a bit blah. 

Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to make this useful space feel refreshed and welcoming — without having to sink any time or money into a remodeling project!

Inspired by five-star resorts, hotels, and our own cleaning expertise, here are ten quick, easy, and wonderful ways to make your boring bathroom feel like new: 

1.) Bring In Some Fresh Scents

The nose knows. Our sense of smell is strongly tied to how we form memories. With this in mind, switching up the way your bathroom smells can be a great way to make it feel refreshed and totally new. Try bringing in your favorite candles, create a sweet-smelling misting spray, or fill a diffuser with your favorite essential oil solution, from lemon to lavender.

2.) Add Comfortable Towels and Robes

One of the best parts of visiting a spa has to be the fluffy towels and robes, right? To refresh your bathroom, swap out your used towels with the plush, fancy towels you generally keep in the closet. If you have a bathrobe, hang it on the backdoor for easy access, so you can dry off, do your make up, or lounge around the house in comfort and style. 

3.) Clean the Areas You Might Overlook Faucets, Showerheads, and Hardware

While you may regularly wipe down your tub and floors, you may still be surprised how many places there are to clean in your home’s bathrooms. To approach each room with a fresh perspective, create a checklist and clean the areas you normally pass over: your faucet; your showerhead; the handles and pulls on your cabinets and drawers; inside your medicine cabinet; and the shelves and storage under the vanity. 

4.) Pipe In Soothing Music

To make your next shower or bath feel more luxurious, bring in a water-proof speaker — or simply create a DIY sound solution of your own! A fresh, relaxing soundscape can help you enjoy your old bathroom in a totally new way. 

5.) Add Extra Storage

Feeling weighed down with mess in the room that’s supposed to be all about serenity and self-care? We get it. Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to add new storage into even the smallest bathrooms — like building in shelves; hanging baskets; bringing in cute crates and boxes; or “hacking” your vanity with a lazy susan or an over-the-door organizer. 

6.) Pamper Yourself

Have a bath bomb you’ve been keeping in the closet for a rainy day? A face mask you haven’t opened yet? There’s no time like the present to treat yourself. Adding an extra step of luxury to your next shower or bath can make this daily chore feel all the more relaxing and rejuvenating. With everything going on, you more than deserve it! 

7.) Declutter and Get Organized

From the bedroom to the bathroom, tidying up is one way to make more of the space you already have — and to help you start enjoying the rooms that you take for granted. Take some time to lead a top-to-bottom decluttering of your bathrooms, getting rid of expired products and old clutter you no longer need. Once you’ve done a “purge” of the space, look for creative ways to label and organize what’s left, using a system that works for you and yours. 

8.) Bring In Your Favorite Soaps

Have you ever been to a restaurant or resort with hand soap so luxurious, you just couldn’t stop raving about it? Next time you go to a store, look for new soaps, lotions, and creams — and give your new additions a place of pride on your vanity or countertop. 

9.) Swap Out Your Bath Mats

Are your bath mats starting to feel a bit grungy? If it’s been awhile since you washed them, give your bath mats a thorough cleaning. Look for the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag, to make sure you’re treating them properly. If it’s possible, you may even think about swapping out your old bath mats for something that suits you better — bamboo floor coverings, anyone? 

10.) Add the Perfect Finishing Touch

Sprucing up your bathroom decor is a surefire way to help you celebrate and appreciate the space again. Make or find a design element that helps fill you with peace and tranquility — and perfectly complements your style! Houseplants, crystals, a new painting or work of art, a new color on the walls… Follow your heart, look around for ideas that inspire you, and get ready to start loving your home again! 

Looking to Make the Most of Your Chicago Space? We’re Here for You

Whatever challenges life brings, you can rest assured that Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service will always be here to help. 

Our cleaning experts can tackle the little things, so you and your loved ones can remain safe and secure, no matter what. 

Our teams of professionally trained cleaners offer flexible time windows, unparalleled attention to detail, and can bring all of the cleaning supplies necessary to sanitize your home or office.

We can help take some of the pressure off, giving you back time to focus on what matters most — including getting reacquainted with your home’s best-loved spaces! 

Have any questions? Ready to get started? Get in touch online today, or keep the conversation going on social media, where we’ll be sharing safety information, resources, news, and more. 

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