My Cat Is Tracking Kitty Litter Everywhere! What Can I Do?

  • Cleaning up kitty litter after your cat tracks it around the house

If you have a cat, you know that these furry creatures are so much more than pets – they’re family! We’re serious animal lovers here at Sweeping Dimensions, and cats may just be our favorites. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of watching your favorite TV show with your special friend lounging one cushion over? Or going to bed with a napping kitty curled up next to you? 

Being a cat owner is incredibly rewarding – but it also comes with its fair share of challenges.  One thing that drives plenty of cat owners batty? While your cat’s little paws may be cute enough to eat, they’re also the big culprit behind litter being tracked everywhere. Cats are notorious for dragging litter across the home, leaving marks on your just-cleaned floors – and adding plenty of busywork to your regular cleaning checklist.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of simple solutions out there for cat lovers who want to protect their floors and furniture. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help keep the kitty litter where it belongs — in the litter box! 

Find the ideal location for the litter box

Depending on how your home is set up, finding the perfect litter box location can often be a bit of a process of trial and error. If you’ve noticed that your kitty is tracking litter around the house, it may help to relocate the box to a location that is more out of the way. For example, try keeping it away from your kitchen and bedroom areas – since these are two places where you definitely don’t want to feel the course grit of kitty litter – and into a private area in the house, such as a bathroom or back office. While a little bit of litter out of the box is the name of the game, finding a private location in the house can help keep the mess more contained, and out of the public eye. 

Keep a cordless or lightweight vacuum by the litter box

It can be frustrating to have to break out your vacuum cleaner every time you notice litter. Instead of busting out your heavy-duty vacuum and all the attachments, consider keeping a portable electric hand vacuum near the litter box, which can allow for quick cleanup when you notice a spill. Inf act, did you know that there are lightweight, handheld cleaners specifically designed for pets? Check out models like the Shark Pet Perfect or Bissell BOLT Lithium Max Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum, which promise to make cleaning up after pet messes easier and more efficient. Automated robot vacuums can also be a lifesaver for pet owners, patrolling the floors for litter and fur while you’re off doing other things. 

Find your ideal litter mat

When you set up your kitty’s designated litter station, don’t forget the litter mat! These lightweight mats are designed to be placed around litter boxes, helping to keep litter contained – before it has a chance to get spread all around your house. There are many different varieties of litter mats, and it may take some time to find the exact brand that works for you. Generally speaking, these mats work by trapping litter that gets stuck to paws or kicked out of the bin, so you can easily scoop the excess back in. 

Trim long-hair cat paws

Have you ever gotten a leaf caught in your long hair, maybe on a blustery fall day? It can be annoying when it happens to you, right? Well, just like people, long-haired kitties can have problems with litter getting caught in the fur around their paws, and end up tracking it all around the house by accident. To help control litter, keep your cat clean and well-groomed, paying extra attention to the long hairs around their paws. Be sure to brush their tummies and tails, as litter also likes to get caught in these spots, too.

Get a high-sided box

Getting a high-sided litter box can help keep more litter inside the box – where you actually want it to be. If your cat likes kicking up litter, a higher-sided box can also help prevent the little crystals from getting all over the floor. Be sure that whatever litter box you choose still has a clear entrance, so your cat can maneuver in and out with ease. For an easy DIY solution, you might also consider forgoing a traditional store-bought litter box completely and opting instead for a large, rectangular storage tub, which comes with high sides and plenty of space. You can even retrofit these containers with kitty doors, to make it even easier for your furry friend to get in and out. 

Opt for alternative litter products

If your cat is always clean and considerate, but you’re still finding litter tracked everywhere, it may be time to reconsider the type of litter that you’re using. There are countless options for alternative kitty litters, which may not get caught and scatter around as easily as traditional materials. In some cases, these litter products may also be more eco-friendly. Consider pellets made from newspaper or recycled paper, or clumping corn, which is free of silica dust that puffs up into the air and sticks to kitty paws. Want to try something really advanced? Pretty Litter is made up of lightweight, absorbent crystals that are more likely to stay inside the box (instead of all over your kitchen floor). Even better, it monitors your cat’s health, by changing colors as it reacts to chemicals in urine – so you can keep your home clean and your kitty feeling healthy. 

Let Sweeping Dimensions help create the purrfect home!

You love your pet with all your heart – but sometimes, you need to call in reinforcements to deal with their mightiest messes. That’s where Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service would love to step in! Love your kitty but need help keeping up after them? Across Chicago, pet parents come to Sweeping Dimensions to keep their homes neat and tidy – and their fur babies feeling comfy! 

At Sweeping Dimensions, we always make a purrrfect effort to keep your spaces fresh. We offer a variety of services, including regular routine cleaning appointments that can help deal with those pesky pet problems. Our teams of professionally trained cleaners offer flexible time windows and unbeatable attention to detail. Our professionally trained teams are pet-friendly, and can bring all of the cleaning products necessary to clean your home, with an emphasis on green, environmentally friendly materials.

If you’re looking for a team of cleaning experts, Sweeping Dimensions has you covered! Have any questions? Ready to get started? Drop us a line today for your free cleaning estimate.

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