Make Your Home Feel Like a Summery Oasis, Even In Fall and Winter

  • Turning a cold winter home into a summer oasis

Do you love wintertime in Chicago – or does the winter season leave you feeling a bit like a grinch? 

While there are plenty of things to love about winter in Chicago – from ice skating all over town, to enjoying a hot spiced cider at Christkindlmarket, to simply curling up in front of a roaring fire – it’s hard to deny that wintertime around here can get tough. The temperature plummets, snow and salt get tracked indoors, you have to trudge your way through mountains of slush… it’s enough to make anyone feel a bit blue. 

The Effects of the Wintertime Blues

Many people start to feel a little down during the winter months. As it turns out, there’s even some science to back that feeling up. A long stretch of gloomy, gray, days can dampen your mood and impact your well-being. In particular, a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is quite common during the wintertime, and can cause feelings of fatigue and lethargy. 

Fortunately, if you’re feeling a little glum during the winter months, there are some tried-and-true ways to help lighten your mood… including, well, lights. Many swear by light therapy as a way to help with long nights and gray mornings. Experts also recommend using the winter months to pick up some simple habits to help stay healthy, like getting regular exercise, eating well, or even playing your favorite upbeat music. 

And don’t forget the powerful impact your living space can have on your health and happiness, all year long! Keeping your home cleaned and organized can help you breathe easier, avoid illnesses, relax more, and adopt healthier habits

Besides keeping your home clean, what about beating the winter slump by making your home feel like a sweet, summery oasis? Here are four easy ways to bring a little bit of fun and sun into your home – even in the dreary days of winter: 

Let There Be Light

With shorter days and longer nights, the winter season can start to make your home feel a little drab. To help create a summertime feel – and maybe elevate your mood – look for ways to bring lots of bright, fresh light into the space. During the day, try to embrace natural light with light fabric or bamboo shades, which can let more light filter in while helping to add a tropical feel to your space. 

Starting to really miss your summer patio parties? You can bring some of the fun indoors by hanging string lights around your home – some great spots might include your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Remember, you’re not going for holiday lights (or at least not yet, anyway). Look for soft, sparkling lights that will help provide a soft, warm glow. 

Speaking of soft glows, incorporating a Himalayan salt lamp into your space can help bring in some calming, relaxing light, and may even help purify the air in your space. Plus, that pink haze also can add a lovely decorative touch to any space. 

Incorporate Summery Scents

Fall and winter are known for warm and wonderful aromas – but over time, all of those seasonal scents can start to feel a little stuffy. Why not embrace the summertime feeling by bringing some fresh, floral smells in to liven up your space? 

There are all sorts of ways to enjoy sweet, summery smells all winter long, including beachy candles, fresh and invigorating essential oils, or gently scented deodorizers and mists. For a true summer accent, look for candles or air diffusers that come in adorable, tropical packages, which can add a vacation vibe when the winter wonderland is getting you down. 

Embrace The #PlantLife

By the time winter rolls around, the trees are bare and the snow and ice will have started to pile up. It can be tough going without a little bit of green for so long! To help remind yourself of the warm and wonderful days of spring and summer, consider bringing some houseplants into your space. Green plants can stand up well to a Chicago winter, as can low maintenance succulents, palms, and cacti – which also help bring in a true sense of summertime!  

Still need some motivation? Remember, bringing in greenery doesn’t just add color – it can help improve the air quality in your home, and empower you to sleep better, too.

If you’re bringing nature indoors, don’t forget to keep things tidy! Have a broom or vacuum handy to clean up dirt and dead leaves, and keep your houseplants looking and feeling their best by giving them a regular dusting and occasional bath. 

Bring In Colorful Design Touches

During the dark and dim days of winter, you can elevate your decor (and your winter mood) by bringing colorful, bright statement pieces into your home design.

Try out a statement area rug, with elegant, bold designs and vibrant colors. Or bring a little bit of calming energy into the kitchen by adding accent pieces like succulents or fun floor mats. If you’re really feeling bold, you could even try on a bedroom or office redesign, focusing on swapping out stuffy accents for a more colorful and invigorating aesthetic, employing colorful wallpaper or bright paint colors to give the space a much-needed pop of life. 

This Winter, Sweeping Dimensions Can Help You Focus on What Matters Most

Whether your next goal is prepping your home for a harsh winter, or fine-tuning your regular home cleaning routine, we’re here to help you keep your home looking and feeling its best, all year round! 

At Sweeping Dimensions, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful! A professional cleaning from one of our experienced teams can make your space clean and tidy, allowing you to focus on creating an environment that feels soothing, calming, and refreshing, even in the middle of winter!

We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products. Our professionally trained and uniformed staff will listen to your needs, and all our cleanings are fully customizable. Ready to see what quality results and impeccable service truly look like? Drop us a line today to receive your FREE service estimate!

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