5 Tricks for Keeping Your Closets and Pantries Organized

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So … you have a lot of stuff. It happens! The real question is: Where are you going to store all of it? 

Around Chicago, most of us stash a lot of things in our pantries and closets. Over time, it’s easy for these essential storage spaces to start to feel stuffed, scattered, and disorganized. Plus, many of us tend to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach, and make these out-of-the-way areas a low priority for cleaning and organizing. 

But when you let your storage spaces are left to hold more and more items, problems can build up right alongside them. From reaching into the back of the pantry to find a can that expired three years ago, to digging through the supply closet and never actually managing to find that one tool you needed, just about everyone has a horror story that comes from letting their storage spaces become messy and disorganized. 

And as it turns out, letting these areas get cluttered can weigh on your health and well-being, in many different ways! It all comes down to what experts call “the cost of clutter.” Basically? The more you drain your energy and spend your time searching for lost or misplaced items, the more worn down you’ll feel, and the less productive you’ll be. At the same time, having overloaded storage spaces can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, and even guilt. 

Life is busy and stressful enough as it is! Your storage spaces should work for you – and not the other way around! With that in mind, here are five useful tricks for keeping your home’s closets, pantries, and cupboards feeling organized, spacious, and functional: 

1.) Take Inventory, and Declutter

Before you can keep your pantry organized, you need to get it in shape. And the first step towards a streamlined space is taking stock of what you have! 

Working methodically, take some time to really build a list of what you have taking up space in your home’s storage areas. 

One popular method is to take all of the items out one by one and try and sort them into relevant, related categories (for example, all coats, all shoes, all dry goods, all canned goods, etc.). Then go through each category and decide what items you want to keep, and what you can discard by donating, recycling, or throwing out. You may be surprised about how many things you’ve lost track of – and how much you can discard! 

Take this simple step, and you’ll be able to cut through the clutter in no time. This way, when you reload your storage spaces, you can rest assured that you’re only keeping what you need, while making sure that each and every item has a designated “home base.” 

2.) Find Creative Solutions

A storage space that’s more organized – and more picture-worthy? Now, that’s a win-win! 

As you take some time to declutter and rethink the functionality of your home’s pantries, closets, and cupboards, think about the fun and appealing ways you might spice up your spice rack, pretty up your pantry, and get your closets looking catalogue-ready! 

The more time you invest in getting these areas looking their best, the more committed you’ll be to keeping them easier in the long-term. Plus, a few creative tweaks can make things a lot easier to find, so you don’t need to worry about throwing things all over the place every time you need to dig out a spray bottle or microfiber cloth. 

Need some inspiration? You may want to look at blogs, Pinterest pages, or other sources to find creative storage ideas that match your design style. One easy, effective idea is to load up on adorable, stylish storage bins, like wicker baskets or cool wooden crates. Remember, the prettier it is… the less you’ll want to let it get messy again! 

3.) Make Use of the Doors

When loading up that closet, cupboard, or pantry, don’t forget to think outside of the box! There’s one part of these handy storage areas that many of us overlook – the doors. 

Next time you open up your pantry door, take a look with fresh eyes. This swinging door is probably home to lots of extra real estate, which can be put to use for clever, attractive storage and organization! 

You can use a hanging organizer specifically designed for pantry goods, or make one of your own. Over-the-door shoe organizers can offer lots of convenient storage pouches, while towel racks can easily be retrofitted to hold reusable baggies, cleaning supplies, and more. You could magnetize the back of the door and attach things with adorable magnets, or set up a handy pegboard. Need even more inspiration? You can find a few easy, convenient, and totally DIY door-hanging ideas right here, courtesy of One Good Thing

4.) Utilize Your Wall Space

When in doubt, go up! You can use the empty wall space in your closets, cupboards, and pantries for additional storage. This way, you can keep these busy areas looking neat and tidy – and maybe find extra space to help keep clutter from spilling out into your hallway or kitchen!

Peel-and-stick hooks, like those made by Command, are awesome for hanging just about anything, from reusable shopping bags to your favorite cleaning caddy. Looking for a DIY project? You can also build in your your own unique wall shelving, using metal, plastic, wicker, or lumbar. Have fun with it, and don’t hesitate to make choices that are functional for you. Remember, even though this extra storage may be hidden most of the time, that doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing!

5.) Go Label Crazy

If you’ve ever bought a personal label-maker, you know how quickly you can get caught up in labeling absolutely everything. It can be incredibly satisfying to organize your things, and finish off the job by adding your own special, hand-crafted label. It’s a stylish and easy way to motivate yourself to keep things organized, and makes it so much easier to find that one special item right when you need it most. 

Labeling is a proven way to help organize your home’s storage spaces. To label items in the pantry or closet, you can use that label-maker, print off special tags from your computer, or us pre-printed labels that are easy to remove, and chic to boot. Looking for some inspiration? A quick search for  “printable labels” on Pinterest can help you find tons of amazing labels, in a variety of fonts and styles. 

Or, once you’ve sorted your items into boxes, bins, and jars, you can find other decorative ways to add labels and descriptions. Many swear by paint pens for labeling jars, boxes, and more. Try experimenting with a color-coded system, or use different styles for different items – for instance, you could use paint pens to label glass jars, printed labels to stick on spices, and pre-printed cards for baskets. 

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