How Home Cooks Can Keep Their Kitchens Clean

  • Keeping a clean kitchen at home

Are you an avid Food Network fanatic? Is the stovetop the very first place you go after a long day at work? Are you always wowing friends and family with your superstar chef-level dishes? 

Even if you truly, deeply love to cook, cleaning your kitchen might not spark the same level of joy… Especially if you’re the sort of whirlwind chef or baker who leaves a trail of dishes and utensils in their wake. 

If you’re serious about cooking at home, then you know the importance of keeping your kitchen clean and functional. And while it may seem daunting, keeping your kitchen clean doesn’t have to cause a headache! 

Certain spaces might need more attention than others, so your strategy should involve prioritizing those that are in need of a little (or a lot) of TLC. 

What can you do to make your home kitchen restaurant-quality clean? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind… 

Embrace the Calm Before the Cooking Storm

Even before you start chopping and dicing, take some time to make sure that your kitchen is clean and uncluttered. Organizing and tidying up your kitchen can help create a more functional work area, minimize the messes as you go, and reduce your clean up time after dinner is served. 

Start with your refrigerator — an appliance that gets used frequently, and cleaned rarely Take some time to declutter your fridge, sorting through old or expired foods and getting rid of everything you no longer need. Doing this can help prevent you accidentally using spoiled products, saving your dinner party guests from a serious case of the rumblies. Once you’ve decluttered your fridge, you can reorganize it strategically, and use a cloth and your favorite cleanser to sanitize the inside and outside.  

After you clean out the fridge, you can turn the same level of attention to your cupboards and pantry, making sure these useful storage spaces are organized, clean and ready to use.  Remove excess clutter from your countertops or island, and empty the dishwasher. With these tasks done, you’ll have more prep space and a place for your soon-to-be-dirty dishes and cooking tools. 

Cleaning As You Go

Before you start the mise en place for your next big meal, you may want to quickly wipe down any surface you’ll be utilizing, including your counters and stove top. These surfaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. 

Once you’ve fired up your burners and started your next culinary masterpiece, one of the smartest cleaning moves you can make for your kitchen is to continue cleaning up while you’re cooking. This can really help you stay organized, and save a lot of time after the meal, when your real focus should be on savoring the moment with family and friends. 

Have a collection of simple cleaning supplies ready to go, so that if a mess arises, you won’t have to scramble looking around your kitchen. This will often mean making sure you have access to your favorite multi-purpose cleaner, rags, cloths, or paper towels, and trash bags for easily tossing away scraps. 

Another idea that may help? While you’re preparing your favorite meal, don’t leave heaps of dirty dishes stacked up on the counter or in the sink. As you go, you may want to have an assistant wipe down your dishes, or even place your used pots, pans, and utensils in the dishwasher, to free up space and save time later. 

Doing a Kitchen Deep Clean

Even if you make the effort to clean as you go and do the occasional spot check, investing time in a deep clean is worth it every once in a while. But what does doing a deep clean actually mean for your kitchen?

Each kitchen is different and might require a different level of attention, especially depending on the frequency that you tend to this area, along with the rest of your household — and how much you put this space to use! For example, dedicated home cooks will want to do a deep clean far more often than diehard delivery fans. 

Supplies you’ll need for a kitchen deep clean may include a vacuum cleaner, sponges, a dust mop, and your favorite all-purpose cleaner, among others.

Start the deep clean by taking on areas that can be done at the same time. As any pro chef will tell you, multitasking can make the job seem much easier! For instance, you could run your dishwasher empty with vinegar or baking soda while you work on cleaning your other appliances, such as your fridge or stove. 

Areas you might not be clean on a day-to-day basis will probably need some attention. Dusting and spot washing your walls and ceiling with a handy tool should be done every few weeks to avoid unwanted pollutants and debris. Sanitize your surfaces, such as your sink basin, cabinet hardware, and cutting boards. And, every so often, tend to those hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen, such as the underside of the fridge or oven. 

How Sweeping Dimensions Can Help

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