Creating Your End of Summer Cleaning Checklist? Don’t Overlook These Three Spots

  • End of Summer Cleaning Checklist

As summer comes to a close and the cooler months begin to roll in, it’s time to take a fresh look at your home — and all of the ways you can get it cleaned, organized, and ready for the new season! 

Taking some time to tackle your to-do list can let you enter autumn with a clean slate, and make the inevitable end of summer sadness a little easier to handle. 

Whether you’ve spent most of June, July, and August outside with friends or family, or enjoyed a summer full of indoor movie nights and afternoon naps, a meaningful clean can help you get rid of the messes that come with the dog days. Cleaning your home is a great way to start the fall with energy, focus, and a space that’s ready for school, work, and anything else the end of the year might throw your way. 

So, where should you put your focus as you prepare your end-of-summer cleaning checklist? While your attention may be drawn to the big ticket items around your home (and the rush of the back-to-school to-dos), it’s also important to spend some time on those areas that are all-too-easy to overlook. 

Here are three indoor and outdoor spaces worth considering as you prepare for that final end-of-summer clean:

Your Flooring

During the summer months, our homes often receive a lot of foot traffic from friends, family, and even pets! So whether your house has carpeting, tile, or hardwoods, a good scrubbing will do your space good as you wind down the summer and gear up for the fall.  

For homes with lots of carpet, there are a number of green cleaning solutions that you can use to get an effective deep clean for your rugs or carpeted floors. For instance, a light mixture of vinegar and water, or dish soap and water, can help you spot treat and freshen up your carpet, without having to bring in too many unknown chemicals from store bought cleaners. You can supplement these homemade with essential oils, for a fresh scent perfectly tailored to your tastes. When in doubt, you may want to bring on a professional to safely deep clean your carpets, to avoid the potential for any damage. Otherwise, make plenty of time to get in some vacuuming, to get rid of the dirt and debris that may have built up over the course of a busy summer. 

For wood flooring? Start by vacuuming or dry-mopping up any excess dust and debris, then move on to mopping with a little bit of water. You might also want to look into using an all-natural wood cleaner, safe for your specific type of flooring. For a more in-depth look at how to clean your hardwood floors, make sure to check out our detailed set of pointers.

The Balcony, Patio, or Deck

Summer often means spending time outside with friends and family, or simply basking away the hours with a good book and a glass of iced tea. But when the weather turns cool and you’ve had your last outdoor hurrah, it’s time to start thinking about how you can clean your patio or balcony and brace these outdoor areas for the icy temperatures and rough weather of fall and winter. 

Before the cold weather settles in, pay attention to your outdoor floors. As you wrap up the summer, give the floors of your deck, patio, or rooftop a good sweeping, and then a gentle mopping, to get rid of dust, debris, and grime. Wipe down your windows, railings, and light fixtures, to help prepare these surfaces for the blast of chilly autumn air sure to come soon. 

Be sure to bring in any plants, decor items, or furniture that may take a beating during the fall and winter. For more permanent items, cover them up with a tarp, to prevent excess damage from the elements. 

The grill is one outside essential that sees a lot of wear over the summer and deserves a bit of attention as you head for fall. If you have a gas grill, the first step in cleaning is to disconnect the gas line from the rest of the appliance. Next, you’ll want to scrub away any visible char residue from past grilling before disassembling the grates to be soaked in warm, soapy water. You might then want to use a degreaser, followed by a wet sponge and a dry microfiber cloth, depending on the state of your grill, says HGTV. 

Your Garage, Closets, and Other Storage Spaces

Even though you might not spend a lot of time in your garage or attic, these spaces also need a deep clean once in a while. The end of summer is the perfect time to do it! After all, the end of the summer season is a time of big transitions, as you hang up the boogie boards and travel gear, and get ready to bust out the snow boots, string lights, and holiday decorations. 

If you see an overwhelming amount of clutter around your garage, attic, or storage locker (think boxes of unlabeled items, loose tools, old toys, etc.), make the effort to reorganize these items, and donate or get rid of what you don’t need, in order to free up as much space as possible. We have some great ideas for organizing toys, tools and cleaning equipment, and adventure gear, all right here on our blog! Not only will decluttering be one less item on the list to take care of later in the year, but you’ll have more space to figure out where to store additional items around your house, especially when it comes time for the holidays.

Once you’ve decluttered, sweep away the debris that’s accumulated on the floor, and wipe down shelves, light fixtures, and other commonly overlooked spots in your storage spaces. This way, you’ll be able to get the most out of these important rooms as you pack up the summer fun, and get ready for all the opportunities that fall may bring. 

Need Some Help Welcoming In Those Cool Autumn Days?

Remember, you don’t have to take on your end of summer cleaning checklist all alone! Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we always a sweeping effort to make life less stressful! 

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We’re so confident that you’ll love our service that we offer the Sweeping Dimensions guarantee! If our cleaning services should ever fail to meet your expectations, you can call us within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will send out a supervised crew to correct anything that needs attention.

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