Cleaning for High-Rise Living

  • Cleaning for high rise living

For thousands of people across Chicago, staying in the city is all about living that high-rise life. What could be better than living in a condo that allows you to tower over other buildings, feel the breeze on your own private patio, and watch the beautiful Midwestern sunset from your floor-to-ceiling windows? 

From the views to the amenities, living in a high-rise apartment or condo has plenty of upsides! But keeping up with all of the chores that come along with maintaining your beautiful unit can still prove to be a hassle, particularly when you’ve got a busy life to lead. 

What goes into high-rise cleaning?

Well, you definitely want to make sure your windows are clear and your balcony space is clean and inviting, so you can always take advantage of that beautiful view. Plus, what’s a high-rise loft without the occasional soiree? It takes time to maintain those beautiful modern touches and create an immaculate, charming space for when guests come over… or for when you just want to unwind in your sky-high oasis at the end of an active day!

No matter how high up your home may be, it’s still important to stay grounded. Want to find more time to sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful views? It’s important to keep your high-rise unit clean! Here are five key things to keep in mind about high-rise cleaning here in Chicago: 

1.) Keeping Your Balcony Clean and Ready to Use

When you live in a Chicago high-rise, you’re often treated to some truly awesome sights — particularly if you have your own private patio, balcony, or rooftop. 

A balcony can allow you to gaze out over the city, and makes a perfect space for entertaining. The downside is that cleaning this amazing area can become quite a task. Balconies and patios love to attract dirt, debris, pollen, and all sorts of other messes (bird poo, anyone?). 

And cleaning your outdoor spaces isn’t always easy, particularly when you love fifteen stories up. Just giving the space a good hose-down, for example, can result in water leaking o-nto angry neighbors downstairs. Plus, cleaning your balcony can be quite scary – we get it! Even if you’re only a few stories up, a minor slip or fall could be dangerous. One of the most important things you can do to clean your balcony is to focus on safety! Use long-handled tools (including brooms, dusters, and vacuum attachments), avoid getting up on stepstools, and try to always have a spotter to keep you safe. 

To clean your balcony or patio, start by removing all furniture, plants, and rugs, so you can get to the floor and other surfaces. Sweep the balcony clean with a dry broom, or use a vacuum to collect the dirt and dust. Using your favorite all-purpose cleaner and warm water, scrub the floors, railings, and walls. Use your favorite glass cleaner to get a shine on your doors, windows, and outdoor light fixtures. Then, use dish soap and water, or your favorite gentle cleanser, to lightly clean your patio furniture. After everything has dried, put it all back and get ready for some stunning outdoor living! 

2.) Get the Perfect View By Cleaning Your Glass Windows and Doors

One of the best parts of high-rise living is the near-miraculous views you get to take in. Often, to capitalize on these stunning vistas, many high-rise units come complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, or enormous sliding glass doors. 

The downside to all this glass? It can take a lot of work to get these surfaces sparklingly clean and clear!. As most high-rise residents can tell you, glass windows and doors can get grimy. Not only are you dealing with the dirt and debris that comes with living high up, but pets, children, and party guests can leave handprints and smudges all over your perfect panes.

For a quick but lasting clean, use your favorite glass cleanser (or make your own) to scrub the windows down from top to bottom, using our secrets to getting a streak-free finish. And don’t forget to dust around the tops and bottoms of your windows, and clean the blinds! Close the blinds and gently wipe down the slats with warm, soapy water and a microfiber towel. Another quick tip? If you’re not into wiping down blinds one by one, you can also take them down and let them soak in a tub filled with warm water, a little dish soap, and some vinegar. After about an hour, brush them off and set them out to dry before hanging them again. 

3.) Use Your Entryway to Make a Great First Impression

In many high rise units, you’ll often have a floor plan that allows for a grand entrance. Whether your home’s front door opens up into a welcoming hallway, a small foyer, or a full view of your open floor plan, a surefire way to bring some energy to your high-rise is to make this entryway stunning. After all, this is the first step your guests will take into your home, and leave them   with their lasting first impression of the space. 

To give this area the “wow” treatment, use it as a focal point for the home. There are all sorts of quick design choices you can make to help this important area stand out. For instance, it may help to spend some serious time decluttering your entrance area, so it’s clean and aesthetically pleasing. That may mean finding new and creative ways to stash umbrellas, coats, or outdoor boots. It’s also going to mean regularly tending to the floors, walls, and fixtures in this area, to make sure they’re spotless. 

As for decor, it’s all about pulling focus. Try finding a beautiful runner rug, large mirror, elegant side table, a few signature pieces like table lamps or vases or, perhaps, all of the above! 

4.) Keeping Those Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces Clean

Does your modern high-rise come complete with all of the latest cutting edge finishes? Spending some time cleaning the fixtures and surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom can make these crucial areas really shine! 

After all, open floor plans are quite popular these days, especially in high rises. In many homes, modern-style kitchens tend to be a centerpiece, as well as a general gathering area for parties and day-to-day living. In the kitchen, keep everything spruced up by regularly cleaning your countertops, cabinets, and other surfaces. Be sure to use the right cleaning solutions for the job, as some surfaces – like stainless steel or certain kinds of stone – need special treatment to avoid damage. Be sure to regularly polish your faucet, cabinet hardware, and other fixtures to add the perfect finish. 

The same goes in the bathroom! Wipe down your countertops, keep that mirror clean, and regularly clean your fixtures. Be sure to keep a close eye out for the early warning signs of mold or mildew, so you can take action to get rid of this common source of bathroom grime. 

5.) Help Create Better Airflow, So You Can Breathe Easy

One of the best parts of high-rise living is sitting out on your balcony, seeing the spectacular views while enjoying the crisp feeling of fresh air. The problem? Air pollution is a prevalent issue in dense urban spaces.. You also may think staying indoors can help — however, many of our homes actually suffer from poor air quality, due to allergens, dust, and interior pollutants. 

As we’ve written about before, there are many simple but effective ways to help purify the air in your home! In particular, make sure to regularly clean your home’s air vents and air filters, to ensure that your systems are circulating clean, fresh air — and not just dust and allergens. Another way to treat the air in your home that’s not only helpful, but beautiful? Invest in a few  houseplants for some all-natural air treatment. Houseplants can help remove toxins in the air, while also bringing some lovely greenery into your space. Plus, they’re easy to clean!

Need Some High-Rise Help? Sweeping Dimensions Is Here!

Love living the high-rise life — but want to take the stress and hassle out of keeping your home clean? Here at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service, our goal is to make life easier for tenants and homeowners across Chicago, including everyone living high above the city! 

Need some help tackling your cleaning to-do list? Sweeping Dimensions is here to lead the way. From keeping your floor-to-ceiling windows clean to making sure your balcony or patio is always party-ready, our teams are professionally trained and know what it takes to make high-rise units truly sparkle. 

From heavy duty cleaning to regular housekeeping, we can do it all! We offer flexible time windows, and all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products.

Have any more questions? Ready to get started? Reach out today for your free estimate! Property managers – don’t forget to ask us about our multi-unit deals, post-construction service, short term rental cleanings, and more!

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