Planning to Have People Over This Summer? Here’s What to Put on Your “To-Do” List

  • Summer Party Cleaning To-Do List

Summer is one of the best times of the year to have friends and family over for an awesome party — or two, or three! When the sun is just setting and you can feel the warm, peaceful breeze over delicious snacks and freshly made drinks… What could be better than that?

Of course, before you get to enjoy those summer get-togethers, you have to put in a little work getting everything cleaned up and making sure your space is ready for houseguests. 

Feeling a little on edge putting together the summer to-do list for your dream seasonal party? We’ve got you covered. With a solid plan of action and a manageable cleaning checklist, you can throw an entertaining and all-around amazing event, complete with a clean and fresh-feeling home. 

Here’s where to put your focus as you get ready for this season’s indoor and outdoor soirees: 

1.) Clean Up the Kitchen and Guest Bathrooms

A speedy clean can help totally transform your kitchen and bathroom areas, making them party-ready in no time. Let’s be honest: These are the areas that often need the most attention. In addition, these are the spaces that will most likely have the most traffic when you have people over. It’s important to make sure they’re clean, welcoming, and ready to use! 

In the bathroom, scrub and clean the toilet bowl and wipe down the seat and the exterior. In your kitchen and bathroom, wipe down your countertops and cabinets to get rid of obvious fingerprints and smudges. Use a microfiber towel and glass cleaner to quickly polish up your glass surfaces and mirrors. If possible, replace the hand and bath towels in the bedroom and kitchen with fresh ones, and get rid of clutter, like messy dishes, old food, and those kitchen appliances no one ever actually uses. 

Before a summer party, you might want to take some time to make these spaces even more welcoming! Adding a scent diffuser with your favorite essential oils can help remove those unwanted odors when it’s party time. And adding a few inviting touches to the bathroom – such as bottles of lotion or festive towels – can help keep the party vibes going throughout your entire home. 

2.) Create an Inviting Entryway

Whether you’re having over nosy neighbors or friends and family who know your place inside and out, remember that first impressions are everything. When your guests walk in, the entryway is the first thing they’ll see, and the first thing that will be on their minds. 

Be sure to clear out as much clutter as possible from your home’s front areas and entrances. A lot of clutter tends to gather around these high traffic spots, like shoes and boots, spare umbrellas, sporting equipment, and so on. If you have a table or console, be sure to clear off mail or extraneous papers and knick knacks, and wipe down these surfaces so they’re clean and presentable, and instantly show off your space.

3.) Make Your Home Shine in the Best Light

Trying to create the ultimate party atmosphere? Remember, lighting can easily make or break a mood! One of the worst buzzkills is having lighting that feels out of place, like overhead lights that are so bright that they make guests feel uncomfortable. 

For the outdoor patio, you may consider investing in some patio lights to string overhead, or wrap around the porch. Floor lanterns can also create an incredible mood, adding stylish flair with no candles required.  You can also create a classic mood with old-fashioned candles set all around – though sure to have an additional lighting source on hand, as you don’t want things to get too dark and moody!

With that said, if you already have indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, one way to get your home party-ready is to give these fixtures and elements a thorough cleaning. We have a guide to cleaning your home’s lighting fixtures available here. 

4.) Create a Sweet-Smelling Oasis

You know that feeling when you walk into a store, and it smells incredible – to the point where you just have to ask the manager what scents they’re using? You can easily make your home give off that same vibe, too! And, in many ways, one of the very best things you can do to get your home ready for guests is make it smell amazing. 

Set out clean-smelling candles, try reed diffusers, or an essential oil diffuser for hassle-free scents to fill the room. 

Even more importantly? Before adding those sweet scents, take some time to get rid of the lingering odors that can put a damper on your guests’ summer fun. Those hot, humid days of summer can lead to serious odors in and around your home, so be sure to address the stinky hotspots in your place – such as the sink, your trash cans, the busy family room, or even your balcony or patio areas

5.) Clear Out the Clutter – and Break Out the Entertaining Gear!

Do you not have a whole lot of time to spend all day cleaning? You don’t need to fret too much. You might be surprised at how clearing up just a little bit of clutter can completely transform your space. As you look ahead to your summertime events, do a quick survey of the house and see what areas could use a little tidying. Are there shoes still hanging out by the door? Mail collected on the kitchen table? Quickly disposing of stuff you know you don’t need or putting away items that have been lying around for a while can get the space feeling fresh and ready to welcome guests once again. 

And on the more fun side? As you get rid of day-to-day clutter, you can break out all the fun stuff you’re going to need for your next get-together! As you declutter and clean, set up your dinnerware, break out the games and sports gear, and unload your patio or deck furniture and decor pieces. Get all this stuff out and ready to go before company arrives – that way, if you accidentally dislodge some dust or mess up your closet, you can quickly clean and put the finishing touches on when no one is around to look. 

Sweeping Dimensions Can Get You Ready for Anything!

We know that when you’re planning for a special party, life can get stressful. Even if you’ve been on top of a cleaning routine, it’s easy to feel frazzled when people are coming over! You want your space to look and feel clean and inspiring, impressing your guests and helping them to feel at home.

Remember, before and after your next get-together or party, Sweeping Dimensions is here to help! 

At SDCS, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful. Whether you’re looking for light housekeeping, heavy duty cleaning, or a one-time service to prepare for an extra-special occasion, our professional home cleaning services can take away the stress of keeping your house clean, and give you back time for the most important things in your life – like enjoying precious time with family and friends. 

With a professionally trained staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products.

Ready to make your next warm weather party feel like a cool breeze? Get in touch today for your free estimate!

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