The Importance of Scheduling a Cleaning for Your Aging Parents

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Around the country, millions of adults find themselves looking after not only their own kids, but their aging parents, guardians, and other loved ones. Caring for the elderly family members who once took care of you can be difficult at times – but it can also be one of the most fulfilling and loving things you’ll ever do!

As a loving family caregiver, you want to be there for your senior loved ones in every way possible. But it’s also important to recognize when it’s time to call in some help. As you work hard to check in on your senior loved one’s health and well-being, drive them to appointments, and keep their home safe — while also balancing the day-to-day “to-do” list for your own household — you may find yourself feeling tired or burnt out. 

Want to preserve your own peace of mind — and help ensure that your elderly loved ones can stay safe, comfortable, and secure in their own homes? A professional cleaning service may just be one of the best resources to turn to. 

For your older loved ones, a clean home is a healthier, happier, and more independent home – and for you, having a service take care of the “dirty work” can help give you back more free time for the other important things in your life. 

Want to provide for your older family – and protect your own precious time? Here are a few major reasons to schedule a cleaning for your senior family: 

You’re Creating a Safer Space for Your Loved One

Scheduling a regular cleaning for your older family members is one of the single best ways to help ensure that your loved ones are able to live independently, in a safe home environment. Clutter, debris, and messes can be hazardous to seniors, who often have trouble balancing and getting around. In fact, slips and falls are some of the most serious health problems facing older adults. 

The more you help your senior family members to declutter and clean, the better. As it builds up around your senior loved one’s home, clutter can cause major hazards. Large piles of junk or unused furniture can block walkways. Small items across the floor can lead to slip and fall accidents, as can puddles of water or dust bunnies. And teetering piles of stuff or overstocked shelves can fall, injuring your senior loved one. With a clean and balanced household, your loved one can navigate their own home with greater confidence and independence, with fewer hazards to impede their activities of daily living. 

What’s more, remember that a senior’s household can be a breeding ground for mold, dust, and bacteria, which can cause serious health problems over time — especially for older adults. A cleaning team can help get rid of dust and grime wherever it may be hiding, including those hard-to-reach spots like the backs of cabinets, the tops of shelves, and underneath bulky furniture items. 

You’re Giving Your Loved Ones – and Yourself – More Free Time

When you take cleaning and tidying off of your loved one’s plate, you’re giving them back time to do the things they love. With a professional cleaning, the senior in your life can spend more time focusing on their own well-being and fulfillment, and less time fighting back against their messy home. 

After all, keeping up with a regular routine takes time and energy! By scheduling a routine cleaning for your parents, you can give them more time to take care of themselves, socialize with friends and family, and focus on the things they love, rather than having to spend their days dusting, sweeping, mopping. Not only are you gifting your senior loved ones a clean home, you are also helping to keep them safe. Fewer chores means fewer chances of slipping, falling, or getting injured. 

And at the same time? If you’re one of the “Sandwich Generation” caregivers who has to spend time cleaning your own household, and your older loved one’s, a professional cleaning service can help give you back valuable time, as well. A trained and experienced cleaning team can help tackle your older loved one’s home, and give you back time to spend traveling with your family, focusing on work, or even keeping up with your own housework. 

Sweeping Dimensions Can Help You and Your Family Keep Things Clean

Want to help give your older loved ones a break? Hoping to make a clean home a regular part of your senior family’s lifestyle? Sweeping Dimensions would love to help you and your family take care of the small stuff — so you have more time to relax, enjoy, and focus on what matters most!  

At Sweeping Dimensions, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful! For busy families around Chicagoland, that means helping give you back peace of mind, while also ensuring that your older relatives can thrive in the safe, clean, and healthy space they deserve. 

With a professionally trained and uniformed staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your or your loved one’s home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products. We also offer flexible time availability and can easily accommodate any of your loved one’s unique scheduling needs.

Want to trade tips and tricks with others caring for their senior loved ones? Join our community and keep the conversation going on Facebook! Ready to get started? Get in touch today for your free service estimate!

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