3 Signs You’re Ready for Clean Home Help

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There’s nothing like crossing an item off of your to-do checklist, is there? For many of us, that feeling is one of the most satisfying things there is. It’s a sign of a job well done – and one step closer to a moment of rest and relaxation. On the flip side? When you can’t get to your checklist, and action items keep piling up, and piling up? Well, that feeling can be stifling and stressful. 

When it comes to cleaning, getting even a few tasks done can go a long, long way, helping you to feel more energized, making your load feel lighter, and allowing you to better enjoy your favorite spaces. 

Sometimes, though, cleaning your space – or, let’s be honest, a bunch of spaces – can start to become too much. It gets overwhelming over time, trying to keep your home immaculate, clean, and welcoming. 

At times, it can even be difficult to keep up with the many daily and weekly tasks that go into creating a surface-level clean, let alone diving into all of the hard-to-reach spots and hidden clutter that can grow into an even more pressing problem over time. 

And all of the time you’re spending cleaning – or, just as often, thinking about cleaning? Well, that’s time that could be better spent hanging out with your family on a special outing, or planning that special vacation you’ve always wanted. 

The good news? You don’t have to do it alone. 

Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service can help you reclaim your time, and live in the clean and tidy home you’ve always wanted – without you having to lift a finger! Thinking about getting started with professional cleaning but want some inspiration? Here are three important signs it may be time to reach out for clean home help:  

1.) You’re too busy to keep up with your regular cleaning goals

As you write down your cleaning to-do list and look around your home, ask yourself: How much of this can I truly handle alone? 

We all want to be Superman. But at the end of the day, it’s also important to be realistic and practical about what you can take on, and what chores you’d be better off leaving to the experts. 

After all, your time is precious and valuable, and you’ve almost certainly got a lot going on. Running the kids to and from school, prepping that big presentation for work, planning your next trip, volunteering in your community — all of these things are incredibly important. If cleaning isn’t the best way to use your time, then why not start looking into solutions that can help you balance your life and keep your priorities in order, without having to stress or break a sweat?

Consider this: Recent data suggests that the average person spends more than two hours a day on housework. The average woman in America vacuums every 2.25 days – and spends nearly 13,000 hours of her lifetime cleaning, in total. That’s an enormous amount of time that could be spent doing the things you truly love to do, and not the things you feel you have to do. 

One more stat? Per that same report, bringing on a cleaning service can help the average family regain 730 hours a year – that’s about 30 days of extra time! What would you do with all that freedom and flexibility back in your active schedule?

2.) It seems like you just can’t ever win the battle against dirt, mess, and clutter

It’s a common feeling. You come home from work after a long day, wanting to relax —  only to be reminded, once again, of the clutter you left behind. For many of us, keeping our spaces clean and tidy can feel like a never-ending obstacle course. 

Or, more to the point? You know that scene in the horror movie where the hero thinks they’ve finally locked away the evil monster, and they start to celebrate – only to realize, two beats later, that the villain is still on the prowl? Sometimes, cleaning can feel like that. You work hard to clear away dust, polish your windows, clean your floors, and get rid of clutter. But then, you turn around, and it seems like everything’s back the way it was. 

And over time? The more you put off cleaning tasks, the more that problems can start to pile up – and the more insurmountable they can seem to be. 

Don’t get caught in the cycle! Instead of waging an endless battle against mess, or waiting for problems to grow and grow before you pay attention to them, bring in help early. With an extra set of hands to tackle the big stuff, the little things will start to seem a lot easier to manage. 

3.) Your dirty home is taking a toll on your health and well-being

Are you feeling bogged down by the cleaning tasks that are littering your to-do list, to the point where it’s keeping you from doing the things you’re passionate about? Life should be about going on adventures, spending time with family and friends, learning new things, and living each moment to the fullest. 

Are anxious or pessimistic thoughts about your messy home drawing your focus away from the things in life that matter most? Is thinking about your ever-growing list of cleaning chores affecting your ability to carve out free time? Are you ashamed to invite over guests or show off your space, because you’re embarrassed by mess or clutter? 

If you’re feeling this way, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, according to research cited by HuffPo, a whopping 84 percent of  Americans say they worry that their home isn’t clean or organized enough, and 55 percent of that group say this thought is a source of recent stress. 

At the same time? Research has shown that living in cluttered and dirty environments can actually take a toll on your mental and physical health. Dirty spaces can exacerbate anxiety, promote unhealthy living habits, and even make you physically ill over time. Meanwhile, research has shown that people tend to believe that having a clean home reflects on their worth, that people prefer when their homes are clean, and that messy spaces have led to arguments for about half of all couples. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! If your dirty home is affecting your ability to live life to the fullest and enjoy your time, then it may be the right moment to reach out for help. With cleaning help on your side, you can start feeling excited and inspired by your home once again, instead of always focusing on the negative. 

Call in the Reinforcements!

Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we understand you want to keep your home and belongings as clean and fresh as you can. With this in mind, it’s important to always be realistic about what you can handle on your own, and when it’s better to turn to the experts – so you can put your attention on all the other great things in life! 

Sometimes, the best way to manage all your cleaning duties is to bring in an experienced professional cleaning service! That’s where Sweeping Dimensions would love to offer a helping hand! Let us bring our cleaning expertise into your home and help you create the space of your dreams – while also getting back valuable free time at every step along the way. 

Our professional home services can help when life becomes too busy and your standard cleaning regime becomes too much. We’re happy to provide our exceptional services for busy families who need a break — whether you need a deep clean, service before a special event, or just routine housekeeping while you’re out and about.

We offer flexible time windows and seamless communication, to ensure that our work always fits into your active schedule. Our professionally trained and uniformed teams will bring all of the supplies necessary to clean your home, with an emphasis on green, environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Have any more questions? Ready to reach out for help? Get in touch today for your FREE service estimate!

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