How a Cleaning Can Help You Beat the Summer Heat

  • Cleaning to Beat the Summer Heat

You know that warm, exciting, and free-wheeling sensation when summer comes around? We’re really starting to feel it right about now. 

Like so many people, we’re ready to get outside, explore, and spend plenty of quality time doing summertime activities with friends and family – things like going to the beach, seeing a movie in the park, kayaking in the river, and really enjoying all that Chicago has to offer. 

Of course, even the most active adventure-seeker has to spend some down time at home. And sometimes, whether you’re soaking up the sun or simply trying to get comfy on the couch, that famous summer heat can really start to take a toll. Here in Chicago, it’s a well-known feeling. On those super-hot days when even the air conditioner doesn’t seem to cut it, it’s easy for summer weather to start to seem a bit trying, rather than relaxing. When you’re hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, it’s a lot harder to truly enjoy all that the summer season has in store.  

Fortunately, there are simple cleaning and maintenance steps you can take around your home so that you never have to “sweat the small stuff.” Here are a few simple solutions to help keep your home clean and cool, so that you can really enjoy your summer adventures: 

1.) Clean Your Blinds and Windows

Looking to really enjoy the summer weather? First thing’s first, make sure you take care of your windows and blinds. During the summer months, your windows are a portal to the outside world. They can help let in cool air on crisp summer mornings, and block out harsh sunlight on the hottest days of the year. 

Pay attention to these important areas around your home! Keeping your window areas clean can help allow the natural light to come through to brighten up the space when you want it, helping you to feel more energized and lively. At the same time, remember that when you open your windows, these spots can become a magnet for dust, pollen, and other allergens. To keep the areas clean, regularly wipe down window sills and frames, dust your blinds, vacuum or wash your curtains regularly, and spray down the glass with your favorite cleaning solution to help prevent grime from building up and blocking your summer views. 

2.) Use Your Favorite Scents to Keep Spaces Feeling Fresh

During the summer, it’s a lot easier to feel comfortable when you keep your favorite spaces feeling fresh, clean, and smelling amazing. Take some simple steps to help keep your home smelling great, like using essential oil diffusers or even whipping up your own personal aroma sprays. During the summer months, you may want to try crisp, sweet, and vibrant-smelling essential oils like spearmint, lemon, or lavender, diluted with water in a spray bottle. Adding a plant to your home can also help purify your air and keep your space smelling fragrant and fresh. 

3.) Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Great

Summer is known for some beautiful and sweet smells, from fresh flowers to just-cut grass. But sometimes? Hot days can also help to highlight some scents that are far less pleasant. The kitchen can often be one of the areas where those gross summer smells creep up and linger, especially if you’re dealing with stinky trash can syndrome

Even when you keep a lid on it, that troublesome smell can often linger. To help combat that unfortunate odor, soak sponges or dish cloths in bleach and water and then give your trash can a wiping inside and out, to help erase odors and eliminate germs. After a thorough wipedown, adding a fresh smelling element to the base of your trash can – like baking soda, a dryer sheet, or fresh coffee beans – can help prevent odors and keep things feeling fresh. This way, you won’t have to rush to clean up before every summertime get-together! 

4.) Take Care of Your Air Conditioner, Vents, and Filters

For those hours when the summer heat hits its peak, you want to make sure your air conditioning systems can work to keep up, circulating crisp and clean air that cools your rooms, without spreading allergens like dust, dirt, and mold. 

During the summer, keeping your A/C units and air vents clean is essential for helping you stay cool and breathe easy, and it only takes a few steps to make sure these important tasks are done right. To clean up around your A/C unit, these helpful websites can give you more in-depth tips for taking it step-by-step. In many cases, you’ll need a few special tools and instructions to really get an in-depth clean for your A/C. 

Just as importantly – and a whole lot easier – it’s up to you to make sure that you regularly clean your air vents, so that they’re not obstructed by dust and debris. At the same time, make sure you regularly clean or replace your air filters, to help keep your rooms feeling fresh and clean. 

5.) Keep Summer Pests Away, the Natural Way

One of the most common annoyances for people in the summer is ants and other bugs. They can be irritating, especially when they come into your kitchen looking for food. Everyone in your household can do their part to help prevent pests from becoming an issue by cleaning up spilled food or drinks immediately. 

Of course many other pests like mosquitoes, bees, centipedes and more can also bother you in the summer months. There are many DIY solutions using essential oil combinations and other common pantry ingredients, like cinnamon, citrus, and coffee grounds, you can use to help naturally repel bugs. 

How Sweeping Dimensions Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer

Here at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service, we love summer – and we want to help you truly enjoy yours. 

With an experienced cleaning team on your side, you can count on us to keep your home clean, fresh, and organized so you can get out and enjoy the summer sun – or relax and keep cool during the “dog days.” 

Here at SDCS, we’re always looking to help you find more ways to have more fun and less stress. Whether you’re expecting guests and need a brief freshening up or you’re a busy traveler who needs regular routine cleanings, we’re here to help!

With a professionally trained and uniformed staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products.

Ready to make the rest of your summer cleaning a breeze? Get in touch today for your free service estimate!

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