Making Your Summer More Sustainable: 5 Cleaning Ideas That Can Help

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At Sweeping Dimensions, going green is something of a passion of ours. As a company, we make it our mission to always take steps to become more environmentally conscious, and to help educate our friends and clients to do the same! 

Remember, the little lifestyle changes and steps you take around your home can have a big impact on our planet. After all, our planet is a living, breathing organism, and it’s the one place we get to call home. It needs all the love and care it can get! 

Want to join us in taking better care for your household and creating an even better living environment for your family? Let’s make this the summer of sustainability! Here are some of the actions you can take in your household to make sure you’re having the greenest summer ever: 

1.) Ditch the Disposables

It’s easy for shopping around for fresh new scents and bottles of cleaning products with cool designs to become a habit. We’re always searching around for more effective cleaning products, ourselves! But remember that constantly purchasing new bottles of detergent, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and soap — you name it — can get pretty taxing for the environment. 

Even if you recycle those bottles, there’s often no guarantee that your waste is going to be disposed of properly. To help ensure that your cleanings are as environmentally friendly and waste-free as possible, try making the switch to using refillable bottles

Reusing the same bottles over again means fewer plastics cluttering up landfills or finding their way into our oceans. At the same time, reusing and refilling can also help you side step a wasteful process. Remember, each disposable bottle that hits your shelves needs to be manufactured, packaged, and shipped — a process that uses fossil fuels and contributes to the pollution of our water and air at every step of the journey. This summer, break the cycle and go your own way! 

For more on how you can cut back on plastic consumption — and still maintain the impeccably clean home you’ve always wanted — be sure to check out guides on practicing cleaning minimalism and buying the cleaning products that work, rather than the ones that are on sale

2.) Use More Concentrated and Sustainable Cleaning Products

When you do need to hit the store and bring home a cleansing solution, try to opt for more eco-conscious (and animal-friendly!) products. Not only do these products often mean less harm to the environment, but they also contain fewer harsh toxins for your household. 

For one effective solution, consider purchasing more concentrated cleaning solutions. This is a favorite trick of ours here at Sweeping Dimensions! Buying more concentrated cleaners means you can use less product to achieve the same clean — and that means one purchase can last you a lot longer, which means fewer trips to the store, and fewer bottles and packages thrown away! At the same time, be sure to look out for cleaning products that are designed and packaged to be environmentally friendly. You can find a guide to some of our favorite green cleaning tools right here. 

In addition to looking for natural products in stores, you may also want to look into reusing supplies you already have the house! You’d be surprised how effective household staples like vinegar, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils can be as pared-down, yet powerful, household cleaning agents. 

3.) Conserve Water and Energy, Wherever You Can

We know how hot Chicago summers can get. Some days, it feels like doing just the simplest of tasks is enough to make you sweat! 

This summer, consider taking on a few helpful tasks that can help you cut back on your energy and water use and lower those expensive summer utility bills. 

For example? Try to refrain from using your air conditioning units or central air systems whenever possible, and turn on ceiling fans and open windows to promote air circulation. When you do need to power up the AC, try setting it to as high a temperature as is comfortable, and be sure to raise the temperature or shut off your system when no one is home. Similarly? Instead of using the dryer to dry your clothes, try clothesline drying them or putting them outside to dry. Both of these methods waste much less energy, and don’t generate uncomfortable heat. 

Even easier? A good cleaning can help promote a cooler household. Before you install your window AC units, give them a good wipedown to remove trapped dirt and debris, which can hinder air circulation and hinder your energy efficiency. Wipe down your ceiling fans, clean your air vents, and clean your window screens, to help promote healthy airflow throughout your home. 

Be mindful of how much water you’re consuming, as well! There are all sorts of tricks you can use to cut down on wasted water, such as catching any excess water you use while waiting for the shower or tap to heat up or cool down. Be careful when watering the garden or hosing down your balcony, and consider adding some green finishes inside and out — such as exterior rain barrels, a rock garden, or low-flow showerheads — to help conserve our precious H2O.

4.) Stock Up Your Cleaning Caddy With Reusable Cleaning Supplies

What if you invested in a handful of products that you could use over and over again — instead of using and disposing of cleaning supplies with each and every job? At Sweeping Dimensions, there are a few reusable supplies that we truly love. 

For starters? We often emphasize how much we value microfiber cloths. Microfiber is incredibly effective at trapping and picking up dust and dirt, and these cloths are endlessly reusable. Just a quick rinse or cycle through the washing machine is all that’s needed for clean up. Skip the paper towel waste and say hello to hassle-free and earth-friendly cleaning! 

A few other ideas? Why not skip the next paper towel run and opt for bamboo towels, which can be washed and reused again and again. Similarly, Magic Erasers can often outlast traditional sponges, while using less water and fewer cleaning solutions. How do you embrace the reusable spirit? 

5.) Cut Back on Waste Wherever You Can

For many of us, our daily habits are so ingrained that it can be hard to think about a different way of doing things. For example, many of us don’t realize how much waste we’re actually getting rid of, day after day. It can become easy to simply throw away items after you use them… and then rush back out to the store to buy more. This cycle isn’t great for the planet, or your pocketbook. 

Fortunately, there are many different ways you can be more intentional about cutting back on trash waste in your house, such as using reusable bottles and containers, storing things in reusable containers rather than plastic bags or foil, and bringing reusable bags to the store. Composting is also incredibly helpful for discarding food waste. 

At the same time, remember to be diligent about dividing your trash and recycling. For Chicagoans, be sure to recycle plastics, aluminum, and glass in your curbside pick up bins. Remember that number 4 plastics (grocery bags, food storage bags, shopping bags, newspaper sleeves, and so) need to be dropped off at a recycling center, rather than put in with your other recyclables; typically, plastic bag drop-off options will be available at your nearest supermarket chain. 

Is Green Cleaning on Your Summer Bucket List? Sweeping Dimensions Can Help

Here at Sweeping Dimensions, one of our primary goals is to make cleaning less stressful for our clients — and more healthy and sustainable for our environment. 

This summer, we can focus on sustainable ideas and green cleaning products, so you can spend the summer focusing on what matters most — enjoying more fun and free time with your family and friends. 

We also believe in passing along our green cleaning knowledge, whenever we can. We love to talk all things cleaning and organizing, including the strategies that can make taking care of your home a more sustainable and enjoyable practice. The more people we can bring together in our mission for a greener world, the better off our oceans, lakes, and rivers will be! So, if you ever have a question about comparing cleaning products, or making a green switch in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to talk shop and try to make a difference, however we can. 

At SDCS, we’re sincerely passionate about these issues, dedicated to finding real solutions, and always eager to keep the conversation going.

Ready to make a difference for the environment in the months ahead? Want to set up a green cleaning for your Chicago home? Don’t hesitate to reach out for your free service estimate!

Looking to exchange ideas on powerful, reusable cleaning products, or share how you’re going green this summer? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via email or social media to let us know your thoughts.

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