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While we use them every day, it’s hard to deny that sometimes, our favorite electronic devices can be a major source of frustration. After all, popular electronics, from speakers, to laptops, to TVs, are known to be real dust magnets. They can be difficult to clean — and, just as importantly, to keep clean over time.

One reason why electronic devices can be so challenging to clean is that they’re easy to damage. You might mar the surface or damage the wiring, even if you use a cleaning method that you use in plenty of other places around the house — so it’s important to take precautions to keep all your favorite gadgets safe!

That’s why cleaning electronics often requires diligence and attention to detail. Your favorite gadgets aren’t as resilient as they might seem, and just spraying cleaner all over everything and rubbing it down with a towel may actually cause a lot of damage, depending on the device in question.

On the other hand? When you have the right tools and tricks in your back pocket, cleaning your home’s devices can be a breeze.

Fretting about zapping your favorite electronics and appliances? Here are the cleaning supplies and techniques you need to keep your favorite gadgets clean, without causing harm to your devices — or yourself!

Computers and Laptops

Odds are good that you use a computer every single day. With so much time spent typing and clicking away, it’s important to know how to keep this device clean.

With that in mind, the first thing to remember for cleaning all electronics? If you’re using water or a cleaning solution, always spray the cloth or towel first — not the device or the screen! The other key rule of thumb: Always make sure the device is powered down, and unplugged from its power source, if possible.

With that said, with computer towers, monitors, and laptops, dry dusting is usually your best course of action. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the outside of the device, and the screen. If you’re going to wipe down an LED screen, use a cloth or sponge dampened with an extremely light amount of water, or use a cleanser that has been marked safe for use on screens.

Many also use a can of compressed air to clean between the keys on a keyboard, in order to get to those hard-to-reach spaces where dust and debris can settle.

TVs and LED Screens

LED screens are delicate, so exercise caution whenever it’s time to clean them! First, be sure to pick the right tools — if you’re looking to trap dust or debris, microfiber can work wonders. You can also use specialized wipes designed for cleaning electronics.

Remember, modern TV screens can be damaged fairly easily. If you press too hard, you can damage the screen, burning out pixels and making your next Netflix marathon a whole lot harder to enjoy. Use an extremely light touch, or try employing a gentle device, like an extendable microfiber duster.

Remember, too, that dusting around the edges of the device — as well as the back, the bottom, the stand, and the wall mount — is an essential step for a truly clean finish. Try to dust weekly using a duster or cloth (you can decide which one’s your favorite) to prevent build up and keep your view clear for your favorite shows and movies.

Another rule of thumb to keep in mind? If possible, always read the instruction manual for your device, to see if the manufacturer recommends any specific cleaning techniques — or tells you what cleaning methods to avoid.

Cell Phones and Tablets

When it comes to cleaning your favorite portable gadget, make sure you start by following the manufacturer’s instructions for your device. Also, be sure to remove the plastic film or any cases and covers, so you can get to the gadget itself.

For dust and light film, you can again use a microfiber cloth or screen wipe to smoothly clear away residue and built-up grime.

It’s also important to remember that, for most of us, we use our phones pretty much all of the time, so disinfecting is also key. Fortunately, you can use several common household cleaners to gently disinfect your smartphone. For instance, you can make a solution of water and white vinegar or water and rubbing alcohol, then gently use this mixture to dampen a clean cloth, and use this cloth to lightly wipe down your phone. Be extremely cautious if you choose to use a homemade cleaner for your favorite mobile device! A little bit of any cleansing solution can go a long way.  

Remotes, Toys, and Other Hand-Held Devices

Did you know that, scientifically speaking, your TV remote may just be one of the germiest surfaces in your home? Cleaning remotes and game controllers can go a long way towards helping keep your household feeling healthier — especially in the wake of a family illness.

With these devices, pesky crevices and hard-to-get spots are going to be the challenge. It’s going to be important to spend a little bit of time working to get all of the dust and debris that can build up. Start by using your favorite clean cloth to wipe down the sides of the device and get rid of excess dust, then use your favorite disinfectant, lightly applied to a cloth, to fully sanitize the device.

Speakers, DVD and Blu-Ray Players, Routers, and Other Devices

These devices are somewhat notorious for trapping dust and dirt in between their many crevices — or, for that matter, for allowing dust to gather on top, underneath, and around you shelving units.

To start, gently use a dry cloth to wipe down the sides of the device, in order to trap and remove as much dust and debris as you can. You might follow up by using a gently dampened cloth. For larger amounts of grime, you may want to use a vacuum attachment to gently get rid of built-up dust, dirt, and debris.

Finally, if dust or dirt seem to be affecting your device’s functionality, you may want to look into having the gadget professionally maintained. There are store-bought kits and professional surfaces that can both help you to get into the gadget’s crevices and circuitry, without affecting your ability to enjoy your device.

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