Using Essential Oils in Cleaning

  • Essential oils used for cleaning

Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we’re known for our sincere passion for green cleaning products and all-natural solutions. As a business, one of our core missions is to help protect the environment. That means taking steps to be more environmentally conscious and mindful as a company – and taking steps to educate our friends and clients to do the same!

For example? We sing the gospel of concentrated cleaning solutions all the time here at SDCS. We’ll never stop professing our love for endless reusable, sustainable, and effective cleaning tools like microfiber cloths and bamboo “paper” towels.

When it comes to cleaning, we believe in doing what works — and that means finding solutions that work for us a company, for all of our clients, and for our planet. We like to think we combine the best of the old school with the best of the new school. We love exploring and innovating, finding new sides to tried-and-true ideas — including working with essential oils!  

Why Essential Oils Work for Cleaning

Essential oils are a big trend in cleaning right now. But really, these powerful agents have been around for generations, sometimes going by different names. In short, essential oils are natural oils, extracted or derived from plants. Often, these oils are released by pressing or distilling the plant and expelling its “essence” – that is, the pure compounds that make each variety of plant unique.

These wonderful, versatile oils often bring forward the essence of their source plant in its purest form — that may mean highlighting its healing capabilities, unleashing its power as a cleanser, or, more often, helping to showcase and distill its wonderful aroma.

In addition to their pleasing scents, many types of plant essences are well-known and accepted for their antimicrobial qualities. In fact, research has shown that some pure essential oils can be so potent that their compounds can destroy certain microbes (like bacteria, fungi and viruses).

Now, keep in mind that the vast majority of essential oils on the market will have been diluted in some way. If you’re working with a particularly concentrated oil, be sure to take a few precautions, including wearing gloves and covering exposed skin. Some people may also have allergic reactions to some essential oils, so be prepared for that, as well. You may also want to make sure your furry friends stay away — some particularly powerful plant essences can be harmful to pets.

How to Make a DIY Cleaner With Essential Oils

So, how can you harness the power of essential oils to keep your home clean? One of the most effective ways is to use your favorite essential oils to whip up your own green, homemade cleanser.

Now, it’s important to keep this in mind: As we’ve noted, you won’t be cleaning with only the essential oil. You’ll always want to make sure it’s diluted, so that it’s safe and effective to work with. Diluting your oils makes them easier to wipe, spray, or mist, and can help you avoid staining your surfaces or harming your skin.

The general rule of thumb is to use around 3-10 drops of oil per 16 oz. of liquid, typically with water or sometimes white vinegar. Some recipes will even call for adding your favorite dish soap or gentle detergent. For a container for your new batch of cleaner, pick out reusable clear spray bottles — look into sustainable options like glass or amber bottles, which are less wasteful than old school plastic spritzers.

Also, let’s say you have a go-to essential oil cleaner you really love. In this case, consider maybe consider making labels, too. Not only will they help with differentiating bottles, but they’ll also make your cleaning caddy look pretty cute, if we do say so ourselves!

Great Oils for Cleaning: Essential Oils With Beautiful Aromas and Powerful Cleansing Properties

One of the most important parts of working with essential oils is to find the scents and solutions that suit your tastes! There are all sorts of options out there, and you may want to play around and experiment to find the aromas and combinations that work for you.

For instance, who doesn’t love a lavender scent? This sweet aroma is also naturally antibacterial and, of course, very soothing. You may find use for lavender oil as a common surface cleaner or laundry spray.

The bright and useful tea tree oil is also helpful against germs, fighting bacteria, viruses, and even some household pests. Peppermint is also helpful in this regard, with its invigorating scent repelling spiders, fighting germs, and coming in handy as a natural deodorizing spray.

A common scent used in commercial cleaning products, lemon is also antiviral and antibacterial and, of course, leaves the house smelling extra bright and fresh. Its natural powers are helpful in cleaning floors, deodorizing the fridge, and freshening the air. Lemon is an extremely popular scent to stock into your favorite essential oil diffuser.

Thyme is also a powerhouse germ-fighter, known for its antibacterial qualities which make it ideal for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Plus, who doesn’t love its woodsy, compelling aroma?

Now, of course, this is only a partial list! There are countless types of oils out there that you can put to work for your next big cleaning project. Do you have a favorite essential oil for cleaning or deodorizing? Let us know on social media! We’d love to hear from you!

Do You Have a Favorite Essential Oil Combination?

There are a multitude of essential oil combinations that are recommended for making your home smell and feel amazing. Combining oils and making homemade cleaners is a little like cooking in the kitchen. There are lots of techniques and combinations that can work; you just need to experiment and find what works for you! Some popular scent combinations may include:

  • Basil + Lemon + Lime
  • Peppermint + Vanilla
  • Eucalyptus + Lavender
  • Clove + Orange + Rosemary

Of course the list can go on. Try out some of these combinations and see which ones you like best. Again, it’s all about personalizing for your tastes, and ensuring your space looks, smells, and feels rejuvenated. Everyone has their favorite oils and combinations, so try out as many as you want and find what fits best with you.

And who knows? When you start using essential oils and other sustainable, natural cleaning methods, for that matter, you might even start to recognize that manufactured, artificial scent from the cheap stuff and be glad you made the switch!  

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