Are Your Visitors *Really* Judging Your Messy Home?

Have you ever been hesitant to invite over a guest because your home – in your mind at least – is “just a mess”? Or have you spent time paging through lifestyle magazines and decor blogs only to sigh, out of judgment of your own space?

Many of us tend to be fearful of others’ criticism and judgement when, often, our biggest critic is really ourselves. It’s important to remember that keeping a clean home is about making yourself healthier and happier. At the end of the day, it’s your home – and your happiness is the most important thing.

Of course, with that being said, we know it’s easy to get a little bit paranoid every now and then.

After all, inviting someone into your personal space is, well, incredibly personal. It can be intimidating to have someone look at your place with fresh eyes. Whether you’re totally neat or you can get a little messy from time to time, the “mess” that you’re used to may not be someone else’s normal. Will they be horrified at the only lightly dusted bookcase? Will they notice the rugs haven’t been deep cleaned recently?

Too much stress is bad for your body, your mind, and your spirit. If you have company coming over, it’s only natural to want to present your space in the best light. But it’s also important to remember to keep calm.

Feeling a meltdown coming on before your guests arrive? Let’s take a deep breath together – and come up with a plan of action for those moments when you’re feeling the heat:

What is “Normal?”

If you’re feeling a little bit stressed and nervous about showing off your space, first thing’s first: Remember that you’re not alone.

It’s normal to be self-conscious. Truly, self-consciousness is nothing new. But especially in today’s world, where many employ their social media platforms to detail and record their every move, it’s easy to become extra self-aware and critical when it feels like every little thing is on display.

“Self-consciousness isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” notes Jim Taylor, Ph.D, in a piece for Psychology Today. As Dr. Taylor explains, self-consciousness has helped us learn and cultivate habits for how to act in socially appropriate ways.

“At the same time,” he continues, “self-consciousness can become a tremendous source of angst and unhappiness” and “can create a pre-occupation with how we appear to others, what others think of us, and, often, can cause social anxiety and an inhibition of behavior that we fear others might judge to be less than desirable.”

One way to help dial down the nerves? When people are coming over, remember that you’ll be in a group. Often, when you have visitors, it might feel like a bright light is being cast over every little flaw and imperfection in your home. In reality? People are probably too busy having fun and talking to each other to worry over things in that much depth.

“We can combat the spotlight effect by putting ourselves in circumstances that turn down the dial of self-consciousness,” writes Paul Bloom, noting a quote from social psychologist Gustave le Bon, who wrote in 1895 that being in a group can make “consciousness of the self partially disappear.”

It’s also important to remember that, at the end of the day, the most important standards are your own. Mommy blogger ScaryMommy touches on what “normal” looks like with her post about keeping a clean house. As she notes, things like dishes in the sink, laundry that’s not yet put away, shoes by the front entrance — these are all typical and “normal” for families. If the roles were reversed and you were visiting someone else’s home, you’d probably be nice and not judge every small imperfection, right? Well, the same goes now!

In other words? There are all types of normal, so don’t freak out! Chances are, your guests won’t either. Be positive and relax.

Relax And Remember What Really Matters

OK, so now we’ve calmed down and thought about how  “normal” is different for everyone, and remembered that your guests almost certainly aren’t as critical as you think. At this point, it’s still natural to be a little stressed.

It’s important to remember and keep your focus on what truly matters in this situation. If you’re having visitors over, chances are it’s people that you know well. Better yet — it’s probably people you like and share some level of intimacy with.

Remember that your family and friends want to be in your company! That’s the most important thing. Don’t stress about everything being perfect, and instead do what you can, when you can — and then focus on being present for the time you have together. Enjoy each others’ company and savor the moments you share.

At the end of the day, remember that life isn’t about keeping your house clean. It’s the other way around: Having a clean house is about making life even better!

Take a Few Simple Steps to Clean and Prepare

The first step in getting ready for your guests — let that sudden panic die down. That’s what we’ve worked on so far, right? Now, after you’re able to get your thoughts in order, it’s time to create a plan of action, so you can swiftly and easily make your space clean and welcoming to visitors.

Remember, this isn’t about stressing over every little detail – it’s about taking a few practical steps to help your space shine in the best light, so you and your guests can enjoy your time together.

We’ve written a lot about preparing for guests, and creating a quick and efficient plan of “attack.” A few things to keep in mind? If you’re limited on time, focus on the main spaces where you’ll most likely congregate. Spruce up the kitchen and the guest bathrooms, and give a quick pass to the front entryway — remember, a good first impression can make all the difference!

Adding those special, finishing touches will help, too. Think strategically. Appeal to the senses with burning candles or incense, a colorful and fragrant bouquet of flowers, or turning on your favorite music to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Sweeping Dimensions Can Get You Ready for Anything!

We know when preparing for visitors, life can get stressful. Even if you’ve kept on top of a cleaning routine, it’s easy to feel frazzled when people are coming over.

But don’t fret — we’re here to help!

At SDCS, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful. Whether you’re looking for light housekeeping, heavy duty cleaning, or a one-time service to prepare for an extra-special occasion, our professional home cleaning services can take away the stress of keeping your house clean, and give you back time for the most important things in your life.

With a professionally trained staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products.

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