What We Stand For, In 2019 and Beyond

  • What we stand for, our mission and values

Being a successful company is about providing exceptional service, caring for others, and truly standing for something. And at Sweeping Dimensions, these core ideas have been part of who we are for 15 years.

Our founder began Sweeping Dimensions in Chicago’s Oak Park area more than a decade ago out of a desire to support her community, and help connect deserving individuals with stable, consistent, and meaningful jobs.

Carrying that philosophy through to today is one of the true joys of Sweeping Dimensions. Our company is built on giving back and creating opportunities, in many different ways.

Long story short? We’re committed to leaving the world a better place than when we found it. For our clients, that means providing an exceptional service that you can trust to leave your home or office spotless, every time. And beyond that, our commitment to thinking big and making a lasting impact takes many different forms, from helping to care for the environment to providing educational and enrichment opportunities for our community.

Let’s dive into a few of the ways that Sweeping Dimensions is making a splash in 2019:

Protecting Our Environment & Our Oceans

Our office is the proud home of an adorable fish. Every day, when we come in and look at our fishy friend, it serves as an important reminder of our company-wide commitment to impacting our oceans and waterways for the better.

At Sweeping Dimensions, we’ve always been at the forefront when it comes to adopting green and sustainable cleaning techniques. Over the last few years, we’ve developed an even bigger focus on taking concrete daily steps to help improve our lakes, rivers, and oceans, in every way we can.

Clean water is the most important resource we have, and the amazing wildlife that calls our oceans home deserves to be protected. After all, we are all part of a great food chain. Our actions on land affect the plants and animals of the seas – and then they, in turn, shape our ecosystem once again.

A few years ago, we started planning, strategizing, and questioning: How can we make things better for our oceans, and, as a result, for our environment as a whole?

We came up with all sorts of solutions and action items. We’ve put many different ideas into motion, and we continue to educate ourselves on these important topics today, so we can keep refining and improving our conservation strategies in the future. You can read about our extensive journey towards becoming a more sustainable company – and helping our clients do the same – in our great environmental blog series, available in full here.

Every single day, we work to make a difference for our environment and our oceans – from forming partnerships with eco-focused charitable organizations like Blue Ring Inc. and Mission Blue, to dramatically cutting back on our consumption of disposable and plastic products, to reducing our use of single-use products, to emphasizing environmentally sound cleaning supplies and brands for all clients, we are working for our planet, at all times.

Helping Our Clients and Community With Innovative Advice and Training

At Sweeping Dimensions, we believe in providing unparalleled customer service, and giving our clients an unmatched cleaning and housekeeping experience, every single time. But we also know that keep your house clean, organized, and welcoming is about more than the moments when you schedule a cleaning. In fact, it’s about all those events in between.

The changing of the seasons. A sudden and unexpected dinner guest. The piles of laundry and dishes that need to be addressed. Life is about all these small moments, which add up to a big picture. And we want to be there for our friends, family, and community, in all these times and more.

That’s why, at Sweeping Dimensions, we believe in providing our clients and community with education and training, in many different ways. From our informative and educational blog posts, to the product reviews and “how to” videos we share on social media, to the unique home tips we exchange via our email newsletter, we believe in always giving our clients the tools they need to make the most of their space.

From the latest in cleaning products, to guidance on how to tackle that pressing cleaning task, to thoughts about green cleaning and sustainability, we want to equip our community with the best practices they need  for the little moments – and always be there to step in, when they need us for the big stuff.

Creating a Fun and Fulfilling Workplace

As we mentioned earlier, Sweeping Dimensions was founded as a way to give deserving members of the community a break, and connect them with professional opportunities. We’ve always believed that coming to work should be about so much more than just doing a job. That’s why, at Sweeping Dimensions, we make it a point to have fun, learn new things, and broaden our horizons as a group.

It’s not just about cleaning spaces – it’s about enriching lives.

This philosophy takes many different shapes, but it always has one common aim: Improving the lives of our team members, so that they can pass on their knowledge, growth, and perspective in our community, and among the clients we proudly serve.

For instance, we have held in-office culture fairs, where we exchanged stories, facts, and – most importantly – foods, to celebrate the many different backgrounds of our team members.

We also have arranged for different workplace seminars to provide education and training to our team members, from makeup and beauty tutorials, to healthy eating panels, to self defense classes, and everything in between. At SDCS, we believe that the more we care for and improve the lives of all people, the better our community will be.

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