How Adventure-Seekers Can Keep Their Garages Organized

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When you’re in the middle of planning out your next getaway, keeping things around the house clean and organized is probably the last thing on your mind. You’re daydreaming about backpacking across Europe, skydiving over the plains, or sipping cocktails on the beach — not organizing your storage or cleaning out your basement!

Over the years, research has proven that traveling can improve your health and mental well-being, reducing stress and helping you give your life a boost back on track. There’s definitely something to be said for doing a little bit of adventure-seeking!

But then there’s the practical side of hitting the road for your next big daredevil adventure.

Often enough, in the rush to get out of town and start getting your heart rate up, it’s easy to leave things in a mess. We definitely understand the desire to get to where you want to go as quickly as you can, but remember: Keeping things in order at home as much as possible can alleviate stress before and after you depart.

The best way to keep the good vibes going while you’re away on an adventure? Tend to your to-do list before you leave, so you can truly reap the benefits of your away time! For thrill seekers, vacation addicts, and world travelers, here’s a few ways to keep your home in order, so you can make the most of your adventurous lifestyle:  

Have a Lot of Travel Gear? Keep it Organized By Decluttering Your Storage Spaces

For a lot of people, the garage can become a kind of catch-all for a lot of old junk. Old papers, toys, tools, bikes, boxes of unknown things (an old ice cream maker from the ‘80s, maybe?) — the list goes on. But you’re an adventure-seeker — you also need this space to help keep your “toys” together. Your travel duffel bag, your skis, your kayak and paddles, your bike, your surfboard — you need a space that works for all of your gear, before, during, and after your trip.

A handy first step towards freeing up more space for your adventurous side? Get rid of as much other stuff in your storage spaces as possible. Take a good hard look at your garage, attic, or basement, and focus on purging the stuff that you know you can do without, to make more room for the adventurous gear you need to really live.

Be mindful of how you’re getting rid of things. If it’s something big or substantial (like your kids’ old toys or bikes, for example), trying donating or giving it away. Meanwhile, make an effort to separate garbage from recycling while throwing out other clutter.

Bottom line? The more room you free up, the more physical space you have to store all of your favorite adventure gear — and the more mental space you have to visualize and prepare for your next big outing!

Deep Clean Your Storage Spaces — and Clean Before You Leave for Your Trip

After decluttering, your next focus should be on getting your garage or attic storage space as clean as possible. Cleaning the garage after you do a purge is a great way to make this space feel even cleaner and more organized, making it easier to feel inspired about stashing away all your favorite gear.

Plus? The cleaner you get this space ahead of time, the easier it will be to pack up before your trip, and not have to worry about leaving a giant mess behind. This saves you plenty of time, and a whole lot of stress. So not only will you have a more lightened load before taking off, you can feel relieved while away, knowing you have an organized and clean space to unpack your adventure gear in when you return. When you return from your adventures, your garage will be waiting for you — organized and immaculate.

And what if you extended this mentality to your whole home? While it may not sound like the most fun thing in the world, organizing a cleaning before you leave for your trip is one of the very best ways to keep the vacation positivity flowing when you return home. Take a pass at your messes or schedule a professional cleaning before you leave, and you’ll be able to come home to a house that’s ready for you — no chore list required.

Organize to Match Your Bliss

So far, we’ve talked to all of the adventure-seekers out there as one. But now it’s time to get specific — because, after all, not all thrills, chills, and memorable trips are exactly the same.

Love skiing in the mountains of Colorado? Kayaking in the Great Lakes for a long weekend away? Backpacking across Europe? Wherever your adventure may take you, you’ll probably have different adventure gear you’ll want to take with you.

After getting rid of unwanted clutter and doing a clean sweep of your storage areas, don’t forget to organize your space, keeping vacation storage front of mind. Configure the perfect place to stash your skis, bikes, boots, sporting equipment, backpacks, coolers, beach chairs, and whatever else you may be carrying for your adventures.

Not only will this help you stay organized and tidy in your garage, attic, or shed, but also keep you prepared for your next adventure! With all your stuff organized and accessible, hitting the trail for your next big day out will feel easier and more fulfilling than ever.

Sweeping Dimensions Can Keep Your Adventure Going!

Whether you’re a regular traveller or only globe trot on occasion, the very best way to keep your vacation experience going is to come home to a sparklingly clean and tidy home! That’s where Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service would be happy to step in and help.

Our residential cleaning services are ideal for adventurers on the go who still want their spaces organized and clean. Our professionally trained and uniformed teams have you covered while you’re away, so that you can always be sure your home will be in the best possible condition when you get back!

We’re always flexible, and we can make sure that our services fit into your active schedule. With our  convenient time windows, hassle-free scheduling, and wide variety of green, environmentally friendly cleaning tools and products, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful — and give you back time for the most important things in your life.

Ready to set up your next adventure with ease? Looking for service before, during, or after an upcoming trip? Give us a call!

Have any more questions? Check out our FAQ page to keep exploring what sets us apart! Ready to get started? Get in touch today for your free service estimate.

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