Just Moved Into Your New House? Here’s How to Make It Feel Like Home

  • Cleaning tips and tricks to make a new house feel more like a home

When moving in to your new home, we all tend to envision most ideal situation possible, right?

Maybe you’ve scoured boards and boards on Pinterest for the perfect space, complete with plants, stylish decor, and the new furniture you’ve been dreaming of for months. You’ve got your dreams, your goals, and a concrete vision for how you want your space to look and feel… But then comes moving day (and all the busy days thereafter).

And suddenly, the reality of all of those boxes to unpack, stairs to climb, and trips to the store really hits you.

We know what it’s like — almost everyone distresses over moving. The whole operation can often feel like a whack-a-mole situation. You think you’ve tackled packing up one room or space and then, before you know it, there’s a whole other stack of stuff to deal with, just around the corner! When in the process of moving, you may find yourself getting so bogged down by stress that it’s harder to get excited about all the big new changes coming your way.

But here’s the thing: Moving doesn’t have to be this way! You’re moving on, moving up, and moving in, and you deserve to celebrate and enjoy, in a space that really works for you.

What can you do to help get some of the stress out of the way, so that you can make that house feel like home as soon as possible? Here are five foolproof strategies that will help you spend less time fretting, and more time appreciating your brand new home:

1.) Get Rid of as Many Boxes as You Can While Unpacking

When you’re in the process of moving, it’s inevitable you’ll have numerous boxes and containers to deal with. Even if you’ve taken steps to organize and declutter, there’s still going to be a lot of stuff to be packed up and hauled around.

Don’t fret about how many boxes are taking up your space. Instead, take some time to attend to each box as you unpack it. Once you have removed all the contents, break down and fold up boxes ASAP, so that they can be moved to recycling, and out of your hair.

Why take this big step? Well, the more boxes you have around, the more your space feels less like home and more like a temporary moving space. What’s more, the abundance of boxes will continue to remind you of moving, when what you really want to feel like is being home. Skip straight to the fun part, and send those packages packing.

2.) Keep Things as Clean as Possible

In line with ridding your space of boxes, make an effort to keep the place nice and clean — or, at least, as clean as you can make it during the busy unpacking process. Again, moving and unpacking can become hectic and stressful. Try to rid yourself of extra stress by maintaining the space around you as you go.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the enormous amount of stuff you have to face, start by working from room to room. Bring all the containers that are meant to be unpacked in that specific space, and then repeat for each room — master bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen, and so on. Keep everything together and organized in its right place. This way, you won’t be rummaging through a multitude of boxes and running from room to room.

Even more importantly, try and keep the spaces around you as clean and organized as possible while you unpack. Regularly vacuum and dust or spray down surfaces that become dusty or dirty. You obviously don’t have to go crazy just yet! But by just making sure the surrounding spaces stay relatively clean, you’re not only making sure your home feels like new, but also infusing your unpacking and organizing process with good energy, so you can get the job done more efficiently.

3.) Set Up the Essentials, ASAP

You may not have time just yet to build that new kitchen table or completely set up your office space, and that’s OK. But remember that putting together some of the essentials is, well, essential!

In those first few days when you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed and stuff seems to be everywhere, do yourself a favor and tend to the necessary items first. This “essentials” list may vary from person to person. For you, it may mean setting up your bed so you’ll have a comfortable place to sleep, calling the cable company and connecting your WiFi, maybe connecting your TV for some entertainment after a long day of unpacking — whatever makes you feel more comfortable and at home as you’re creating your new life in this soon-to-be-finished space.  

4.) Put Things On the Walls

OK, so perhaps it feels like a burden to unload all your wall art, decor, and photographs early on. We get that. But sometimes, nothing feels more alien and uncomfortable than a home that’s devoid of the little things, with bare walls and barren corners.

Even if it’s just putting up a small “Home Sweet Home” wall art, a few framed photos, a couple of plants, or some luxury hotel-like amenities, all of these small gestures can create a more home-y and welcoming feeling in your new place. What’s more, the more you decorate, the more your new home will start to really feel like it really belongs to you and your family, rather than a previous tenant.

5.) Establish a Connection to the Home

Perhaps you did a major decluttering haul before you set out to your new space, but are you ready to feel that Marie Kondo kick again? Taking the time to truly sink into and acquaint yourself with your space could be the first step to feeling like your home is yours.

Just as Kondo sets out to greet the homes of her clients, create a kind of ritual for yourself to get acquainted with your home and set yourself in the space. It could mean anything and everything, from lighting candles, to spraying the room with aromatherapy mist or essential oils, to simply sitting on the floor and breathing in. Whatever it takes for you to feel centered and calm within the space.

Bring In Your Professional Cleaning Team!

One of the very best things you can do to keep your new home feeling even more like new? Invest in regular housekeeping and cleaning services!

Even if you have quite a few remaining boxes lying around and are still feeling overwhelmed by it all, we can make your home feel fresh and welcoming with our specialized services, before, during, and after your move.

Here at SDCS, we make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful — and always leave you feeling like you’re living in the home of your dreams!  

Our teams of professionally trained and uniformed cleaners are flexible to suit your schedule, and can bring all of the cleaning products necessary to clean your home, with an emphasis on green, environmentally friendly materials. We’re available for a variety of services perfect for new arrivals, from deep cleanings to routine housekeeping — whatever it takes to make sure your space is fresh, tidy, and beautiful, right when you need it most.

When you need that extra special something to make your new space feel a lot more welcoming, we can take some of the pressure off, giving you back time to focus on what matters most. Have any questions? Ready to start? Drop us a line today for your free cleaning estimate!

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