Three Key Steps to Cleaning Before a Move-Out

  • Cleaning before you move out

Maybe you’ve always absolutely loved your current house or apartment. Maybe it was perfect — you know, save for that one little detail that always drove you crazy. Whether you can’t wait to leave or you’re clinging to the door, though, the time has finally  come.

That’s right: After all the years spent in your current living space, it’s time to move.

This is an amazing opportunity for many reasons, and you should be excited about the brand new life and fresh chances that lie ahead of you!

Of  course, with all that said, we also know that moving out can be incredibly stressful.

We’ve all been there, after all. You start packing up all your dishes and then realize you forgot that special china you were given for your wedding. You thought you took care of every last thing from the home office, but then realize you never actually packed that one last cabinet, bursting with papers you never actually went through.

On top of all this, you’re going to need extra help lugging big, clunky pieces of furniture down the stairs and around those tricky corners. Bottom line? It’s a lot to get done – and so, in many cases, some important jobs fall through the cracks. One big move-out job that many people overlook? How about cleaning – before, during, and after that big move?!

This time, we won’t let you forget to give your place one last clean sweep. Below, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you with the moving process itself, while also setting you up for success before and after you dive into all that packing and shipping. With a clear head and an organized cleaning to-do list, you have the power to make the big move less of a major pain.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind about cleaning for a big move:

1.) Declutter and Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff First

The basement full of boxes you haven’t opened since your last move? That pesky “forgotten” cabinet or drawer in the corner full of stuff? These often-ignored, last minute packing zones can be a major source of moving day anxiety. You think you’ve made it through just about everything, but there it is, suddenly — your messy past waiting in the shadows, ready to follow you to your next home.

That’s why we suggest planning a couple weeks out before the move to do a full decluttering and organizing sweep of the home, in order to avoid running into a major project right before the big move.

Before you begin packing things into boxes, go through each room and get rid of stuff you don’t want to take with you. It may help to break down your tidying into subcategories. For example, when sorting through your bedroom, assess all clothing first, then shoes, then other items in the closet, and so on.  Repeat this same process of rounding up and getting rid of unwanted items throughout your place, focusing on the kitchen, office, garage, and so on, until you’ve sorted through the whole house. Hopefully, you’ll be able to discard or donate some bags of clutter you’ve been wanting to get rid of for a while — which is all junk you won’t have to sort through come moving day.

And in addition to making moving out a whole lot easier, this process can make you feel lighter and more energized as you make the move into your new space. The less baggage (literally) you take with you, the easier it will be to unpack and organize when you’ve relocated. Plus, taking steps to start off with a clean slate can allow you to move forward with a new lease on life and sense of purpose!

2.) Pack Things Up – the Right Way

Once you’ve gotten rid of the old and want to make space for the new, you’ll want to think carefully about how to bring what you’ve kept with you.  Many of us will just start throwing stuff into boxes, willy nilly. We get it — when moving day comes along, sometimes you just want to pack it all up quickly and move on ASAP.

But it’s also helpful to consider what comes next. How do you want to get things started in your next space? In other words, don’t only think of the packing up process, but also the unpacking process you’ll have to go through to get everything in order in your new space.

Before your big move, take your time arranging and organizing each room, really thinking about how you want to pack up your belongings.

You can even go so far as organizing by room in the truck so that when you’re unloading in your new space, all items will be together for each room, and you won’t be left scrambling.

In addition, keep similar items together for a more streamlined sense of unpacking and storing. When packing up your bedroom, for example, try and keep your closet as organized as it was hanging when packing it into boxes: shirts with other tops, pants with other bottoms, and so. Continue with that mindset for each room, and before long, your packing will be done — and all of your belongings will be neat and ready to set up in your new home.

3.) Do a Deep Clean

After you’ve decluttered all of the unwanted stuff and sorted your belongings to be packed into boxes, it’s time to clean the space — all over, up and down, and in between every nook and cranny!

There are many reasons you’ll want to do this crucial step. For one thing, renters can often get pinged for not returning their place in good condition. If you’re selling a home, your real estate broker (and future buyers) will also appreciate seeing the space in a move-in ready condition.

And then there’s your side of things. Having a clean space can make it easier to make it through the move in one piece. Cleaning ahead of time can make it easier to pack up without having to deal with pesky allergies, or last minute hassles. Taking some time to deep clean can also offer you a much-needed chance to symbolically break off from your past, and move into your future with a clear mind.

So, what should go on your “all over” cleaning checklist before a move out? Here are a few ideas:

  • In the Bathroom: Scrub soap scum from the tiles and floors and bleach the grout; clean out and vacuum drawers/cabinets; scrub the toilet (don’t forget the sides/underneath); clean the shower; vacuum and mop floors; vacuum the exhaust fan; clean the mirror and light fixtures.
  • In the Kitchen: Clean out and vacuum all cabinets and drawers; wipe down the fronts of cabinets; clean all countertops and surfaces; clean and scrub the oven and stove top; remove all shelves in the refrigerator and scrub inside and out; clean and disinfect the dishwasher if you have one.
  • Throughout the Home: Look for nails, screws, and any other holes or marks in the walls, and putty over or buff them up accordingly.
  • Dust All Over: From crown molding, to shelves, to windows, to light switches and outlets, to door knobs and other fixtures. Get that dust and those cobwebs out of there!
  • Clean the Windows: Often, your windows may carry a lot of dust and gunk that goes unnoticed. Be sure to do one last clean to let the light shine in on the day of your big move.
  • Clean Your Floors: Sweep, mop, and vacuum. While your vacuum is out, be sure to use those attachments to get rid of pesky cobwebs and clean hard to reach areas.
  • Outdoor Living Areas: Be sure to remove all items in the patio and living space, cut grass, pull weeds, and clean up any excess leaves/debris, sweep and hose down the back porch/patio area.
  • Take Out the Trash and Recycling

Let Sweeping Dimensions Help You Make a “Clean” Break!

Before, during, and after the big move, Sweeping Dimensions is here to help! We can do a deep clean before you start packing, or go in after you’ve moved, to help take care of all the last minute details to let you unpack and move on in peace.

At Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service, we understand what it means to be true professionals. We always aim to make a sweeping effort for our clients, from individuals who need a helping hand for their homes, to real estate brokers and moving companies looking for a regular cleaning team to make transitions go more smoothly.

As you move out, our teams can come in, bringing the skills and cleaning techniques needed to make your space sparkle and look like new. SDCS is fully bonded and insured, and our clients have come to expect the highest level of service and attention to detail from our teams at all times – even in the middle of a hectic move!

When you’re preparing to move on to your next adventure, we’re here to help make sure your former space shines! We offer flexible schedules, and our teams can bring all of the supplies and equipment needed to take care of your space, with an emphasis on green, environmentally friendly cleaning tools and products.

Have any more questions? Ready to see what our experienced team can do as you get ready for a move? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today for your free service estimate!

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